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Janet in January – 2017

Recapping my last four pictures: #24:  This is the last remnant of Christmas cheer.  A peppermint candle and a little drummer boy.  I love the way these things look together.  Makes me feel relaxed.  Love the minty smell! #25:   … Continue reading

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December Reflections

I am going to do my best to keep up with this December Reflections party with Susannah Conway.  Feel free to come along too.  I’ll be posting mostly on Instagram but I’m going to try to post some blogs as … Continue reading

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Amazing August – 2015

 From the August 13th prompt in “Sparkles” Our task was to write a “cinquain.”  What the heck is that?  I am not really a poem person.  Most of my poetry favorites are actually lines from songs.  Apparently a cinquain is … Continue reading

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Amazing August – 2015

August 4 — In August Break, the prompt is “Number.”  My two favorite numbers are 3 and 5.  I was born 3/10 (5+5)/55.  My dad was 3/13/13 and my mom is 8(5+3)/3/23.  My husband and I have 3 children, which … Continue reading

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Amazing August – 2015

August 3 — The prompt in August Break is “Skin.”  For that I asked my daughter if I could use her arm.  She recently exercised her right as an adult to get a tattoo, even though she knows that I … Continue reading

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Amazing August – 2015

August 2 — In “August Break” the prompt was “air.”  This is my take: We were in Reno for our 30th wedding anniversary last year and we went for a walk.  I stepped over this air vent and did my … Continue reading

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Amazing August – 2015

August 1 I have a busy month planned for myself.  First up is “Sparkles” with Jamie Ridler.  I have been following Jamie now for a few years and the last month-long thing I did with her was the Kickin-It Old … Continue reading

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