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Fiddlin’ February – 2018

Tell It Color – Night We all know my fetish with the moon and the pictures I take of the full moon each month.  Here are some other gems, including a short video of the Pacific Ocean waves crashing against … Continue reading

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Fiddlin’ February – 2018

Tell It Color – Gray Gray can sometimes bring you down and be a somber or sad, lifeless kind of color, without interest or character but I managed to find some that were totally not without character.  Today we had … Continue reading

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December Reflections – 2017 – Five things about me

Today’s prompt is 5 Things About Me… I’m not really one to talk too much about myself actually, but here goes… 1983 – Before Surgery 1986 – After surgery and braces 1.  I had major surgery in my early thirties … Continue reading

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August Adventures – The Summer of Love

Admittedly I was probably a bit young for the actual Summer of Love.  I was 12 in 1967, which is the year they are using as the 50th anniversary.  In that summer I was between 6th and 7th grade and … Continue reading

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A November to Remember

November 13 – Cherished Memory #13 Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge Most of my memories so far have been of things that happened when I was young, but I am happy to say that I am still making cherished … Continue reading

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