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December Reflections – 2016

December 18 – Reflections Earlier this year I participated in Liz Lamoreux’s Inner Excavation where we look deep into ourselves and reflect on what we find there.  Here is the post from that exploration. Me mid-twenties Me now I think … Continue reading

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Amazing August

August Break – Day 5 – Midday. Usually I’m working and midday means eating lunch in front of the computer.  Nothing exciting there. However, today we got some fantastic news about getting relief from the student loans we took out … Continue reading

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Jumpin’ July

July 28 – Time for the month end wrap up to Jumpin’ July. Here’s my selfie for the month.  I took it at the Mountain Winery before the Foreigner concert.  What a great night that was.  You can read about … Continue reading

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Jubilant June

June 29 – Half a year gone already.  Seems like just yesterday it was January and I was making my vision boards for the year.  Now we are almost at the end of June and I am reflecting on what … Continue reading

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Spectacular September – 2015

Blog-tember Day 17 — Wow, 17 days and although some of my posts have been late in the day, I’ve only really missed one day!  That’s pretty good. Today’s prompt is to write about our current obsession.  Well, I think … Continue reading

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July’s Journeys – 2015

July 12 – Reflections Reflections are a journey backward the way I look at it.  I thought I was alone in my search for “days gone by” and I was beginning to think that I was wrong for feeling like … Continue reading

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July’s Journeys – 2015

July 3 – Well, it’s been almost a whole month since I added anything here!  I guess it is true what they say about time flying, too bad I wasn’t having much fun as it passed me by! July 1 … Continue reading

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