A to Z 2021 – I is for Ina Coolbrith Park and Immigrant Point Overlook

Who is Ina Coolbrith and why does she have a park named after her? Turns out she is a poet. In fact, the first California Poet Laureate. She has a very interesting history, which you can read here. It took me several tries to get some pictures of the park in San Francisco that is named after her but it was definitely worth it. It is on one of those hills I mentioned yesterday, Russian Hill. I finally found some parking toward the bottom of the hill and walked up to the top.

It doesn’t look like much at first but once you get around the path the whole city is visible.

Standing at the top you can see the city skyline with the Bay Bridge to the right, Coit Tower slightly to the left and then Alcatraz Island on the far left. I envy the people who live in this area and can get a view of the sunrise every morning. It must be spectacular.

There are some benches to sit on and several other paths to walk down. I have to go back (sound familiar?) because I didn’t go any farther than the first level. It is on a pretty steep slope and I could see that there was another bench to sit on at the next level.

I didn’t see any signs at the top so it’s another one of those places that you wouldn’t know was there unless you were looking for it. So peaceful and pretty. Very well kept.

I was going to use International Airport for another “I” but then I found something even better. Immigrant Point Overlook. I said to my husband, “Hey hon, how’d you like to go for a ride in your new truck and take me to a couple of places in the city so I can take some pictures?” It worked! While he drove, I had the owners manual out so if he had any questions about the truck settings I could answer them. Aren’t I helpful?

Immigrant Point Overlook is a spot on the coast where you can see for miles. There is a picnic area across the street and there is a trail you can go down but I found the best view was right on the edge. You can see the boats coming in from the Pacific Ocean.

There is a wall with an inscription from President Woodrow Wilson:

“We opened the gates to all the world and said, ‘Let all men who want to be free come to us and they will be welcome.'” Here’s a video I took of that and the view.

So you can start the day with sunrise at Ina Coolbrith Park and end the day with a sunset at Immigrant Point Overlook. In between head down the Embarcadero to Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square with maybe some lunch or dinner at Chinatown. Doesn’t it make you want to come to SF?

Whew, one full week of the A to Z done! (I was able to do a whole recap in this post, did you catch that?) We are going to the Giants game today. Have to have proof of vaccination or negative test within 72 hours to get in and they are only filling to 22% capacity so I feel pretty safe. Sunday I plan to visit as many new (to me) bloggers as I can. Have a great rest of your weekend!

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I'm a 60-ish, married, mom to 3, creative soul looking to make the world a better place one smile at a time.
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29 Responses to A to Z 2021 – I is for Ina Coolbrith Park and Immigrant Point Overlook

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  3. I’m laughing myself silly right now that my eyes always zero in on the BRIDGE! If it’s in the photo…I WILL see it! LMAO! 😀 😀

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  6. I only get your posts once a week so this was the first one I saw of your A – Zing through San Francisco. Very clever of you! I love San Francisco and look forward to getting up there again. The hills have gotten way steeper as I have gotten older (how does that happen?) but there is always a marvelous view to enjoy as you are catching your breath.

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      Absolutely, Janis. I wish I had more time to sit and enjoy them. Of course I will try to get back once things calm down. April is always so hectic for me with the A to Z.


  7. I’m with ya, where’s my cup of tea?

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  8. debscarey says:

    The hills sound exhausting but they sure do make for some fabulous views 🙂

    A-Zing from Fiction Can Be Fun
    Normally found at Debs Despatches

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  9. Tamara says:

    You are a fabulous ambassador for your city, and YES, ob course I’d like to spend the day just like you suggest! Especially since the two location you presented today are new to me. What a view from Russian Hill!
    Very clever you engage your truck driving hubby in your endeavors.
    I understand though that real estate in the Bay Area comes with a steep price.

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      You got that right, Tamara. Especially in places like Russian Hill. You have to pay for that view. We are thankful we were able to get into our house 24 years ago. Now we could charge at least double our mortgage payment in rent and we don’t even live in the city! Having him drive me around is a fun day date.


  10. I watched your video from Immigrant Point Overlook. I had read your post, but it was only when I saw the inscription on site with the sea in the background and birds singing that the words became real and really hit me, “we opened the gates to all the world…”. How sad the way the world has turned, where the open spirit of these words have become merely idealistic utopian ideas, hated by so many, and not fitting in today’s global economic system.
    Great post that re-confirms for me that if I ever go to the US, San Francisco should be on my list of places to visit! Your Tourist Council should give you some kind of commission, I think… 😉

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      Thanks you! I may in fact let someone know – LOL. I was thinking those same things when I wrote about the quote on the wall and thought I might get some kind of political backlash but then I decided that I was going to stick with what is written. Thanks for your kind words.


  11. Both those spots have incredible views. Definitely worth a visit. Weekends In Maine

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  12. Liam says:

    You’re just spoiled for great views!

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  13. Soooo beautiful!!!!

    Awesome job getting to the end of the week!! I have up to O scheduled. I’m in spring break now so I will schedule the rest this week I think!

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    • scr4pl80 says:

      I don’t have any scheduled but I do have them all in drafts. I am writing them as I go!

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      • The only way I was going to be able to do it this year was to have a super easy topic and be able to schedule them in advance lol although I didn’t start until April 1st 🤭 last weekend I had a surge of energy and got lots done!

        3 years ago I had planned out, researched, wrote, and scheduled, all my posts before April 5th. And someone told me that was cheating and I shouldn’t be doing the challenge if I wasn’t doing it one day at a time. It was kinda rude cos I put in all the effort and planned in advance. I had to do a lot of research for the posts as well. And theres nothing in the rules that says you can’t. I was totally upset then and the year after my theme had a rule that I could only write the day of, but now I’m over it lol I’ll do it however I want and as long as I get a post for each day, I’m ok with that

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      • scr4pl80 says:

        OMG some people are so trivial. There are no rules for this game!

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      • Yes exactly! And it was one of my regulars so I think that hit me harder than a random, ya know? They thought since I wasn’t doing anything on the day (not even copy and paste to post) that it defeated the purpose? 🤷‍♀️

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      • scr4pl80 says:

        Sorry you listened to them. This is a no stress environment.

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  14. Ally Bean says:

    I love it when you find out something about why a park was named what it was named. Great way to get yourself inside that new truck, too.

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