July in Janetville – Bullet and Bible Journaling

I confess I am a planner nerd.  Every year I get excited about searching for a new planner.  In the last couple of years I have tried Heidi Swapp planners, I made my own (which I really kind of liked but the next year I couldn’t find the same base planner, of course) and this year I am using the Happy Planner by MAMBI.  I am okay with it but it’s not my perfect one.  I’m already investigating new solutions for next year.  I am kind of stubborn in that I won’t change mid-year, even if I’m not thrilled because I feel that I have invested in the planner and don’t want to “waste” that money.

There is a new-ish style of planning/journaling that is becoming a big sensation.  That is Bullet Journaling.  In bullet journaling, you start with a blank page and then you can decorate it as you like.  Also, a lot of times I’ve seen people use them without any specific dates, more like a to-do list rather than a date planner.  I have not tried this yet but there are several good blog posts about them if you are interested in that.  Here is one from Modern Mrs. Darcy, which is where I first heard of the practice.  Here is a “Getting Started” with bullet journaling.  I am not sure that bullet journaling is for me.  For those of you who might be interested, Blitsy is having promotion with a Bullet Journaling Kit where you can get all your supplies in one fell swoop.


Another big craze now is Bible Journaling.  One of the things that I wanted to start doing this year, but didn’t, is reading the bible.  Even though I am Catholic and went to 8 years of Catholic grammar school, I have never actually read the bible from start to finish.  When I first saw the bible journaling being done, I knew I had to try it.  I did buy a journaling bible from Barnes & Noble:



It is made specifically to be read in a year with each day having specific passages to read, all together.


It has lots of places to color and specific passages written in the margins but it also has places to write your own notes or doodles in the margins or even highlighting passages.  IMG_4191IMG_4190

I am excited to get started on this, even if I just prep the first few pages.  The year starts in January so…


In case you are interested in doing something like this, Blitsy is having a special on Bible Journaling kits as well.  There is a video on the site to show some examples.

Blitsy Bible Journaling Kit

I am a Blitsy affiliate so if you click through these links I will get a small compensation, but it won’t add anything to your prices.  I have used Blitsy for lots of things and find them to be a great company to work with, for all kinds of crafting projects.

How about you?  Do you get a different kind of planner every year?  Tried bullet journaling or bible journaling?  Love to hear about it!





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One Response to July in Janetville – Bullet and Bible Journaling

  1. Miss Andi says:

    I’m doing my all journal, combined all the knowledge I’ve found useful online and it works great. I focus more on setting the right state of mind than a todo list so it’s very different from anything but I love it. Like you I also love journals so I might make it into a proper book format one day! 🙂

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