April 2017 – #Atozchallenge – Quest for Q

Q is for “Quit Playing Games With My Heart” by the Backstreet Boys.

Of course my husband was not interested in seeing this group so my daughters and I took a road trip to Concord.  It was quite a warm day.  The car showed the temperature to be 103 degrees.    

Jesse McCartney was the opening act.  I had forgotten how many songs of his I liked.

Then came the Backstreet Boys.  I have always liked them better than NSYNC because I think their harmony is better.  They have a ton of energy on the stage and I love their choreographed dances.

I used another one of my templates on this page.

We had a great time and it was fun to share the concert with my girls.

Though the A to Z Challenge is officially over, I am still going to add my missing letters.

You can still head over to the A to Z Challenge page to see what other participants have come up with for this letter and read some of the reflection posts.  I know I am going to be revisiting to catch some posts I may have missed.  There are a lot of talented people out there!

from Blogger http://asmile4ufromjanet.blogspot.com/2017/05/april-2017-atozchallenge-quest-for-q.html


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I'm a 60-ish, married, mom to 3, creative soul.
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3 Responses to April 2017 – #Atozchallenge – Quest for Q

  1. Erika says:

    My sister was so in love with Backstreet Boys! I loved NSync, but agree with you about the harmonies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • scr4pl80 says:

      It was interesting that at one point they all sat down and started playing instruments. They said they were looking toward the day when they wouldn’t be able to dance around anymore!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Erika says:

        I had no idea they could play, cool! My fav from the 90s (well, they still are my fav) is Hanson. They are the only band I could attempt scrapbooking for!

        Liked by 1 person

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