Me in March – 2017

My husband has had to make several trips to Oregon in the past year and a half to help out his mother who is in her nineties.  On one of his trips he found a bookstore that sells “mystery books.”  They are not necessarily mystery stories, they are books that are wrapped in brown paper with just a hint of what the book is about.  Most of the books have not even been officially published yet.  They are donated to the book store by the publisher and the cost to the purchaser is whatever you can afford to donate.

The first one he brought for me was at Christmas and the cover said it was a story about sisters and a secret.  It turned out to be this book:


It was actually a pretty good story about sisters and a family secret.  It made me want to read other books by this author.

On this most recent trip, Bill brought back three books, one for me and one for each of our girls, who are also voracious readers.  These were the covers:

I let the girls pick first and the one that was left was the first one, a story about race, family and the quest for redemption.  When I took the paper off, this was the book:

I think the title is great, especially for me and all the concerts we go to!  It will be interesting to see what the girl’s books turn out to be.  I’m sure I can find a category to fit this in for my reading challenge this year as well!  So, what do you think, would you buy a book based on a cryptic synopsis?


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  1. Ally Bean says:

    This is a cool idea that I wish some independent bookstore around here would follow. What fun!

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