Me in March – 2017

I see that I haven’t posted my 365 pictures here in a while.  In fact, I’ve only put the first three pictures in for March.  Some of them have been included in posts along the way, but here, for the record, are pictures 63 to 80:

#63 – This is a mini album I am making from a class I took at the recent Scrapbook Expo I attended.  The album opens up and there are spaces to put pictures and things.  It reminds me of Christmas so I’m going to continue to work on it for a while before I put it up on my Etsy Shop.

#64 – Book #6 in my reading for this year is about Al Jolson.  I got the book to use as a junk journal project but before I tear the book apart I want to read the story.

#65 – This is a collage I made for my planner.  I think the picture of the girl with the camera just fits with my year.

#66 – Speaking of collage, these are pages from magazines and other odds and ends that I am gathering to use in my junk journal.  It will be fun to see how all these bits and pieces come together.

                                                                                                                                                            #67 – There used to be a racetrack near where I live and this is a painting in a little courtyard in our town to commemorate that.  During the war the racetrack was used as an internment center for Japanese.  Lots of history there.
#68 – We took a bus trip to a local casino with the group of “Grown Ups” from our local church.  I took a picture of the first jackpot I won, just in case I didn’t win another.  This one was for $16.33.  I did win some more, but not enough to quit my day job.
#69 – The next day was my birthday and I got these flowers and gifts.  
#70 – I talked about the junk journal (Picture #66 above) and this is how some of the pages are starting to come together.  Definitely not finished but I like it so far.
#71 – We went to see Michael Carbonaro at a new-to-us venue in San Francisco.  It was a great night.  He does some pretty good tricks and we found a new place to go!
#72 – It was also the full moon.  I got a picture of the moon over San Francisco but it wasn’t the best so I took this one too. 
#73 – I’ve been trying to lose some weight and when I put my boots on I realized that I must have lost some weight in my calves.  These boots weren’t always tight but they certainly hugged my leg a lot more than this!
#74 – I am working on my scrapbook album and I finally found a spot to use some of these peacock mats.  I love the colors!
#75 – I took a day and went to visit my daughter at college.  We had a great girls day!
#76 – Then I got the taxes done.  Not such a good day, but at least it’s done for the year.

 #77 – One of the things we did on girl’s day was go to Barnes and Noble, our favorite book store.  I got these with a gift card I got from my son for my birthday.  Another Sherlock Holmes book!

#78 – Eyewitness to America is book #8 in my challenge.  I read “The Little Prince” as #7 but it was a short one so it went fast. 
#79 – First day of spring.  My garden does not grow because I don’t do yard work but I like this picture!
#80 – A new kind of tea I’m trying.  Funny name.  It does not look like Fruity Pebbles to me, but it tastes good.

Okay, all caught up for now.  We have about a week and a half left of this month and then the A to Z Challenge starts! Probably going to use a picture from my posts there as my picture of the day.  May as well kill two birds with one stone (what a terrible saying)!  How about you?  Have you tried Fruity Pebbles tea?  Ever seen a magician?  Read any good books?  Love to hear what you think!

About scr4pl80

I'm a 60-ish, married, mom to 3, creative soul.
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