Fancy-Free February – 2017

Just a few more days and March will be upon us.  I know you’re dying to see the latest pictures in my 365 project!

#48 – Everyday is a gift.  This is important to remember, especially when things seem like they are not going as well as we expect them to or we are feeling like we are living a boring, hum drum life.  I thank God every morning when I wake up…well, when I have my first cup of coffee anyway! 
#49 – Tea Time 
I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately because it has been so cold.  At least two cups are with this tea which is helping me with my weight loss I’m sure.  
#50 – Fire department to the rescue!  With the recent wind and rain we had a power line that looked like it was going to come down and so we called the fire department to come and check it out.  It was hanging down really low and we get a lot of large trucks up and down our street.  The wonderful San Bruno Fire Department was there within 10 minutes and they tested the wire to see if it was electrical or cable.  They determined it was a cable wire and since it was the weekend, they promised to report it to the cable company on the next business day…That was 3 days ago and even though we have called the cable company ourself as well, it still hasn’t been fixed.  Fortunately it is not affecting our cable so we’ll just continue to monitor the situation! 
#51 – Flood waters!  When we get a lot of rain as we have the past few days a big puddle forms on the sidewalk and at the end of our driveway.  Since we in California were in a state of drought, I say let it pour.  Grateful that I can work from home and not have to go out and drive in it!
#52 – Scrap Time Score!  One of my favorite crafters was having a second hand sale.  Since she goes to a lot of the craft and hobby shows and has a website and does instructional videos, she gets a lot of product to try as a tester and as gift packages at the shows.  I love when she decides she has too much stuff and has a sale.  Even if the things have been slightly used, I feel like I am getting something from a celebrity!  Most of this stuff was still brand new in the packages and the whole lot of it cost about what two stamp sets would cost!  Can’t wait to start using it!
#53 – Inspiration collage.  This is the other side of the collage I featured in picture 43.  I did not think I would have a use for the 2 x 2 page protectors but I really like the way it came together.  Great use of those little bits and pieces I like to save.
#54 – This guy greeted me at my local Safeway when I went shopping today.  He kinda creeps me out.  One of my Facebook friends asked if he was supposed to be a bartender or a party goer who had too much!  I’m not sure but I don’t think I’d want to be at a party with him no mater what!
And now we are caught up.  Five days left in February.  March is my birthday month so it is always a fun one for me!  We’ve got lots happening too with our concerts starting and another trip to Thunder Valley casino! How about you?  How’s your February going?  Had much rain or snow?  Ready for March?

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2 Responses to Fancy-Free February – 2017

  1. Ally Bean says:

    #49 – I’d forgotten about those weight loss teas. My mother used to drink one that was somehow about raspberries. Will look for your suggestions when I’m in the grocery.

    #50 – Power lines the look dodgy worry me. I don’t care if it’s only the cable line, fix it!

    #54 – Ok, that mannequin is weird. He needs a backstory or Safeway needs to put him in storage. I’m creeped out from afar!


    • scr4pl80 says:

      Ally, there are a couple of types of the teas. Some of them help you lose water weight. Some are cleansing like the type you would take if you need to clean out the colon (sorry TMI). I used those for a while (good thing I work at home!) but I’ve switched to the water weight ones and they are much easier on the system. 🙂 That mannequin really surprised me as he was right there as I got off the escalator. Definitely needs some sprucing up. I’m surprised about the power line too but I guess the people whose house it connects hasn’t lost any function or they certainly would be complaining. At this point we are kind of hoping some truck does catch on it. Some activity for the February blahs?

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