Fancy-Free February – 2017

February 7 – Picture time:

#35 – Cookie Monster motivates me:

I was walking through the mall the other day and I happened to see this on a pajama top.  I’m using it to remind me to control meself!
#36 –  The hubs wanted donuts after the Super Bowl game on Sunday so we stopped at our local donut shop on the way home.
It was a rainy night and I guess everyone needed some “feel good” after the strange outcome of the football game.  Kind of like another strange outcome we’ve had recently.  Thank goodness I’ve got Cookie Monster (see above).
#37 – Made a few new cards for the Etsy site in time for Valentine’s Day.
They don’t actually say Valentine’s Day though so maybe you could use them for an anniversary or just any time you want to tell someone you love them!
#38 – February Selfie
Decided to take a full shot instead of just my face this time.  Maybe in a few months we’ll be able to see some changes.  I’m hoping so.  I see a little bit already. 
Caught up for now.  How about you?  Keeping up with any projects you started this year?  


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