Janet in January – 2017

Catching up with the next series of pictures in case you missed them on Instagram:


The latest book I am reading for the 2017 reading challenge.  I got this when I got the Tarot cards.  
Prepping my calendar as a food journal.  It helps me stay in control if I write it all down.  So far it’s working.  
The moon and Venus as seen from my front porch tonight.  Bill called me out specifically so that I could see it and take a picture because he knows how much I like that stuff.  So happy to have him looking out for me!  Couldn’t get a closer picture and keep both things in the picture, but I did manage to get a separate one of just the moon that was kind of cool:
So there we are all caught up.  One more day and January will be done already!  Are you ready for February? 

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  1. Ally Bean says:

    We could see Venus and the moon last night, too. It was so clear outside which was odd after mulitiple days of gray. I couldn’t take a photo because the sight was behind a bunch of tree branches. Your photos do the scene the justice it deserves.

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