Janet in January – 2017 (Reading Challenge)

January 14

Two weeks gone by already!  I have finished the book about Dorothy Kilgallen, “The Reporter Who Knew Too Much.”

Paperback The Reporter Who Knew Too Much : The Mysterious Death of What's My Line TV Star and Media Icon Dorothy Kilgallen Book

It was pretty interesting, especially because I only knew about Ms. Kilgallen from the What’s My Line TV show and did not realize that she was a reporter as well.  The book itself, however, left a little to be desired in that there were multiple typographical errors and I found the writer to use the same adjectives several times in the same sentence which seemed a little redundant.
Since I finished the book this year, I’m counting it as my first book in the 2017 challenge and filling the category “A book about an interesting woman.”
Next up is:
I got this book from my husband for Christmas.  He got it at a bookstore in Oregon and when he bought it, it was like a mystery book because it was wrapped in plain brown paper so that you could not see the title.  On the paper was written:  A tragic story about two sisters.  Since I have sisters, he thought I’d enjoy it.
This is an advanced copy of a book that had not been published. I’m using it to satisfy my “book with a red spine” category.
How about you?  On a reading challenge quest?

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