December Reflections – 2016

December 7 – Five things about me:

I’ve done these a few times so most people know the usual things (married 32+ years, three children, work for myself, blah, blah, blah), so here are 5 “new” things.

1)  I am determined to lose more weight in 2017.  I am down 24.6 pounds from my all-time high.  I still have a way to go.  Hungry Girl is my best friend right now.  I’ve told my husband that he has to cook his own meals or eat what I eat.  It is working.

2)  I hate exercising (which makes #1 a little harder) but I have been doing planks almost nightly and I can do an elbow plank for 2 minutes and a full arm plank for 3-1/2 minutes.  My stomach is getting flatter but my arms are killing me 🙂  At least I don’t have to leave the house to go to a gym and get all sweaty.

3)  I am a craft addict.  Mostly scrapbooking and paper crafting, mini-albums, cards, things like that; but, I also do some crocheting and I have done embroidery in the past as well.  I have WAY too much stuff, but I get such joy out of making things for people and I can’t look at hardly anything without trying to figure out how I can use it craft-wise.

These cardboard inserts scream mini-albums to me.

4)  I am an introvert (INFJ in the Myers-Briggs world), which I just realized this year.  It explains so much, like why I have more on-line friends than real ones (not really, but my close real friends are cherished and few).  I am married to a definite extrovert (he talks to EVERYBODY, whether they want him to or not).  It is just one of the things that makes our relationship so interesting 🙂

5)  I never lie.  Sometimes I may not tell the whole story, but if you ask me a direct question, I’ll have to tell you the truth.

There’s my five things.  Want to tell me five about you?  Love to find out!

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