December Reflections – 2016

Once again I will be participating in December Reflections as guided by Susannah Conway.  I have followed along with her for her April Love, August Break and December Reflections for the past couple of years.  Here are her prompts for this month:

For my first picture, On the Table:

I just finished Planning Day with Jamie Ridler.  This is a great workshop for getting your mind and calendar ready for the next year.  I have done this workshop for three years in a row now and each year is amazing.  The intention is to figure out using questions about where your life is right now and where you want it to go for the next year.  
I accomplished many of the things I wanted to do this year and I know having had a plan in mind helped a lot.  
Hope you’ll follow along with my December Reflections.  I’ll be posting them on instagram as well with the #DecemberReflections2016 group.  What’s on your table?

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