A November to Remember

Cherished Memory #23 – Being in my sister, JoAnne’s wedding.

It was July 1963.  I was eight.  My sister, JoAnne was getting married and she asked me to be her flower girl!  I was SO excited.  I got to have my own bouquet and had shoes dyed to match my dress.  I had some dorky bow in my hair but that didn’t matter.  I’m the little one right in front!

The ceremony was long, but the reception was great and I even got to sit at the special table with the Wedding party instead of with my parents.  How grown up I felt!  My dress had a little flounce in the skirt so it was cool when I twirled.  I tried to catch the bouquet when she threw it but I wasn’t quite tall enough.  
Sadly, my sister and brother-in-law have both passed away, but what great memories!  They (and my parents), were the best role models for a happy marriage.  Miss them lots…  

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2 Responses to A November to Remember

  1. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks Deborah. They were such fun to be around.


  2. What a fun memory Janet!


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