November to Remember

November 12 – Cherished Memory #12

Themed parties.

Yesterday I talked about my first apartment.  There were two apartment buildings, each building had four units, with a driveway between them that led to the garages.  You can see that in this picture to the left of the stairs.

During the years I lived there, I made friends with several of the other tenants, most especially three wonderful girls, Debbie, Frances and Yvonne.  I had moved to the upstairs front apartment in this building and Debbie lived in the apartment in the back of the building.  Yvonne lived on the first floor of the other building in the front apartment and Frances lived in the back apartment on the first floor.  We were always going from apartment to apartment sharing wine and laughing, discussing various boys and going out on Friday and Saturday nights to dance at the local bars.  Those are more cherished memories, but I don’t want to share too much in case my kids read these blog posts – haha!

Maybe we were bored, maybe it was the wine, but we decided it would be fun to have a ’50’s party and transformed the driveway into Mel’s Drive-In, Millbrae.

Frances, Me and Debbie

Debbie is an excellent seamstress and helped us make our poodle skirts.  We went to Salvation Army and got other suitable clothes to make the perfect outfits.  We invited the rest of the neighbors and our family and friends and had a great time, playing 50’s music and dancing in the driveways until the police came and told us we were too loud.  I think we brought the party to Frances’ parent’s house because they lived around the corner.  At any rate, definitely a fun time! 
About a year or so later, Debbie, Frances and I had moved into Debbie’s parent’s home when they moved to Paradise.  We thought it might be nice to have another party.  (Yes, we were party animals!)  This time the theme was a Western Party.
We used these for invitations.

Three wild and crazy girls
Saloon girl to the max
 This one was just as much fun.  I can’t remember if the cops broke us up again or if we just partied all night.  We were in the backyard, so maybe we were safe from detection.  Lots of Elvis and country music going on!  Ahhh, those were the days!
Shortly after that we all got boyfriends and started to go our separate ways.  Frances moved out and got married first.  Then Debbie’s parents decided to move back from Paradise so she and I moved into places with our boyfriends.  Unfortunately, I’ve lost touch with Frances and Yvonne, but Debbie and I have stayed in touch over the years.  They certainly are Cherished Memories!  
How about you?  Planned any theme parties?  Have your party broken up by the police?  Share!  

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