A November to Remember

November 9 – Cherished Memory #9

My first set of wheels.  I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t have a boyfriend in high school and really didn’t do that many school-related things.  I think I went to one dance as a freshman and while I did go to Junior Prom, it wasn’t exactly what I had expected.  That’s a different memory!

At any rate, it was time for Senior Ball and I had asked a boy if he would go with me and he said no (sad, right?) so I had given up on going.
Instead, I asked my dad to take me car shopping.  I had saved up some money and had a steady part time job so I knew I could afford insurance and gas.  We went together to a used car dealer in Burlingame.  We looked at a few cars and then we found one that was really cool.  It was a Plymouth Valiant and had push button controls.
My dad did the negotiating for me, although one time I said something to indicate that I really wanted the car and he got a little upset at me.  We ended up paying $400 for it.  I was in love.  I called it Prince (for Prince Valiant, the comic strip).  It was white on the outside and blue on the inside.  
So, on Monday when I went to school and everyone was talking about the Senior Ball, I was able to talk about my new car!  Much cooler than a boring dance!  I had that car for about 4 years or so and when I finally went to trade it in on a brand new Gremlin, the dealer gave me $400 for it!  That was the best deal ever.
Cherished Memory #9 – Remember your first car?  Love to hear about it.

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