A November to Remember

November 7 – Cherished Memory #7

My first kiss.  I never had a boyfriend in high school (if you read yesterday’s memory you know I spent most of my days in the library – LOL).  I did participate in a program they had called Junior Achievement, though, which was to teach students how to run a business.  We would meet once a week and we formed companies, picked a product to make and sell at a fair held at the local shopping malls.  I was in the program both my junior and senior years.

Our sponsor company was Haskin and Sells and we called our company Hassle and Sell.  We made decoupage wall plaques.  It was quite interesting.  We elected company officers and had a business plan, an assembly line to make the products, marketing managers, just like a regular company.  I can’t remember exactly but I think I was even Vice President of Sales or something.

Here I am at one of the Trade Fairs.  The wall plaques we made were pretty cute and we actually made some money for the company.  We had award dinners and I won an award.  I can’t remember what for but I’m pretty sure I still have it around somewhere.

But, one of the really cool things they did was have a convention!  I went to two conventions.  The first was in San Francisco.  We got to spend a Friday and Saturday night in a hotel and attend different seminars on business.  On Friday night we piled on to buses and took a trip down to Fisherman’s Wharf.  I got to know a few of the other kids from other schools.  On Saturday night they had a dance.  Here’s where the kiss comes in.  
We were at the San Franciscan Hotel (which is now the Hotel Whitcomb).  I later found out that was the hotel where my parents spent the first night of their honeymoon.  One of the guys I had met from another company was really cute.  He had blond hair that kind of fell into his eyes.  His name was John.  We danced a few dances and then we found ourselves in a quiet corner.  And then, the kiss.  What kind of kiss?  I don’t really remember the details, but I know we missed several songs.  The whole thing was very exciting – kind of like a secret rendezvous.  All too soon the dance was over and we had to go to our separate rooms.  They were very strict about curfew.    
Unfortunately, the next day we were all going home.  John did take my number and called me a few times.  He even came to see me at one of the other Trade Fairs we did, but I think the “romance” was doomed because we went to different schools and didn’t get to see each other much.  
Still, one more cherished memory for the books.  I am linking this up with the Question of the Month sponsored by Michael G. D’Agostino, although he is not participating, he is still hosting.  
How about you?  Remember your first kiss?  Was it exciting?  Love to hear about it.

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