A November to Remember

November 4 – Cherished Memory #4

4th of July parties in our front yard.  When I was growing up we were the hosts of the neighborhood block party on the 4th of July.  All the neighbors would come over and we would have a pot luck out in the front yard.  There were lots of kids around my age and we would play games like hide and go seek or hopscotch until it got dark while the grown ups visited.

As soon as it was dark enough, our folks would start lighting off the “Safe and Sane” fireworks and we would all “oooohhh” and “ahhhh.”

In those days, there was a vacant lot up on the hill and the city would light off the big fireworks in the sky.

Then they built a freeway in that area so there were no more big sky fireworks.  Even now that we have all grown up and moved away, I have heard from some of our old neighbors about how much fun they used to have at our July 4th parties.  

We try to continue that tradition now on a much smaller scale.  We still manage to have fun.  This is what was left after last fourth of July.

 Here’s a short look at our big finale from 2016:

Definitely a cherished memory.  How about you?  Any 4th of July’s that you have special memories of?  

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