Observing October

October 31 – Happy Halloween!

Another month whizzed by!  To close it out, here is the full moon from the 16th.  It was kind of a cloudy night and I love the way the moon was peaking out.

Here’s my selfie for the month:
Busy in my craft room working to get some more things made.  I am participating in two Holiday Boutiques next month.  The first one is on the 14th at St. Robert’s.  I went to grammar school there and I don’t think I’ve been inside Hennessey Hall since I graduated from 8th grade!
The second one is at All Souls:
I’m really hoping that I can make a few sales this time.  I am trying some new ideas for products geared toward Christmas giving.
The hubby and I went to Reno for the weekend and stopped at Black Bear Diner on the way up.  First time I had been to one.  Cute bears.  Good food too.
And, last but not least, I finished the Alchemist and am starting a new book, Moriarty.  I am a big Sherlock Holmes fan and this author has been approved by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate as someone who is faithful to the memory of the Great One.
Tomorrow I am starting a project with a Facebook group I’m in for the month of November where we share 30 cherished memories.   I have a list made but I’m not sure which one I’ll start with yet.  Hope you’ll come read the stories.

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