Suddenly September – 2016

September 12 –

I missed the last two days because I was busy trying to sell some of my cards and other crafts at an outdoor vendor show.  Saturday’s prompt from the Blog-Tember challenge was to document my day by taking a picture every hour.  Well, not much was happening, unfortunately, but here are a couple of pictures I took from that day.

My display

Me enjoying the sunny day.

Not a huge financial success but I count each event I go to as a learning experience.  This time I learned how to display my things when I am outside in some wind.  Since most of my things are paper oriented, wind can be kind of tricky.  I did also get some coloring done, which is relaxing.

Sunday’s prompt was to talk about Instagrammers I follow.  Since I am kinda new to that, I don’t have much to share.

Today’s prompt is to talk about three books, one I just read, one I’m reading now and one I want to read.

The book I just read was a book called Zen Pencils, Volume 2, Dream the Impossible Dream.  I read it because I needed to fill the graphic novel category in my 2016 reading challenge.  It was not bad.  I’m not really a graphic novel reader though.

The book I am reading now (it seems like forever) is called A Thousand Days by Arthur Schlesinger.  It is an interesting book, especially in this election year, but since I am reading it only at night before bed, I am generally getting only three or four pages read each night.  Since there are over 1000 pages in the book, it may take me a long time at that rate.  I am over half way through now though.

I was eight when President Kennedy was assassinated and while I don’t remember much about his presidency, I do remember those last days.  My older sister was getting married and so while there was a lot of hustle and bustle, it was very somber and we watched the funeral on TV.  
As far as a book I want to read, there are a lot of those!  One I have on my shelf at the moment is called This I Know, by Susannah Conway.  I have participated in several of her photo challenges, most recently the August Break.  This is the story of how she managed to get through the grief of losing her husband suddenly.  

I’m hoping that while it may be sad, it should be an easier read than the political stuff I am going through now.  Would like to get it finished before her next photo challenge in December.   
So, those are my three books.  What about you?  Take a minute to stop by the other Blog-tember participants.  Maybe you’ll pick up some recommendations for something new to read.  I’m hoping to!

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4 Responses to Suddenly September – 2016

  1. Janet Miles says:

    Hey Deborah, I never could read more than one book at a time. I am amazed when people say they are reading several books at once. I'd get lost!


  2. It's always a win when you can figure stuff out and make it work more perfectly, so yay for those insights with your vending display. And how fun to see photos.

    I've always got multiple books going at once, but I'm going to try to be better at reviewing them on a timely basis, so that's my hope for this month as well.


  3. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks Rosie! The bunting is actually double sided, the other side is a more formal one with gold flags and black sparkly letters. I use that for the holiday boutiques. Craft fairs are fun!


  4. Hi Janet, I had to write three posts yesterday to try to catch up on the weekend too 🙂 Took me the entire day mostly and left me with such a headache. I've recently started colouring, Hubby bought me a book and it's so calming. I love the bunting on the front of your table, I'd love to go to a craft fair someday. Sending heaps of hugs xxx


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