Suddenly September – 2016

September 9 –

“If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?”

That’s a really tough one for me.  I think I’d like to go to Italy.

We’ve had several friends who have gone there recently and the pictures I’ve seen are just stunning.  I love the ancient history of it all and I am Italian.  It would be a romantic place to visit with the gondolas and fountains.

However, I don’t speak the language and that kind of bothers me.  I mean, I’m sure they have tour guides and some of the people should be able to speak a little English, right?   I could also try to learn a bit of Italian, although the only thing I know how to say now is “Mangia e Statti zitto” which means “Eat and shut up.”  That’s what my dad used to say if we started discussing something he didn’t want to hear about at the dinner table.  Not exactly words to get me very far in Italy.

On a more comfort zone level, I also wouldn’t mind hitting England.

 Lots of history there too with Buckingham Palace and London Bridge.

The language is a little closer to ours.  I’m a big Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie fan so it would be cool to try and find 221B Baker Street or some of the other locations they talk about in the books.

So those are my dream places.  Even though I love the beach, Hawaii (which is way closer and easier to get to) does not really excite me as much.  At any rate, not sure I’m getting to any of these places very soon.  How about you?  What’s your dream place?  Be sure to check out the other bloggers following Bailey Jean’s Blog-tember challenge.

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6 Responses to Suddenly September – 2016

  1. Janet Miles says:

    Sounds great Elle Alice!


  2. elle alice says:

    I visited London in 2012 and 2013 and loved it so much! Lots of culture, history, and art to take your breath away!


  3. Janet Miles says:

    Good idea about the lingo app on the phone. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Janet Miles says:

    LOL I better learn that word for sure!


  5. I dream of visiting Italy, too. I took a semester of Italian in college and my teacher said many Italians (in the touristy places) speak English, and she said not to order cappuccino after 11am! I use the Duolingo app on my phone to learn Italian when I can because I really want to visit it. I hope you get to go someday!


  6. I've never been to England but I have to say that Italy is amazing! Their pasta was crazy good! But it was totally weird not knowing the language and fumbling around while I tried to order a coffee!


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