Suddenly September – 2016

September 7 – Five things that give me joy:

1 – The look on the face of my husband or kids when they open the gift I got them for Christmas and it is just the right thing.  This particular year it was a jersey for my husband from his favorite Dallas Cowboys team.

2 – Sitting as close as I can to the front at a concert.  Second row for Foreigner is as close as we’ve gotten so far.

3 – Working in my craft room.  I get a lot of pleasure making my cards and mini-albums and putting together scrapbook albums

A mini album I made for some friends

4 – Reading – I have loved reading since I was little.  My first job was as a “page” in the local library and I was in heaven.  I still have some of the Nancy Drew series books I had when I was young.

5 – Going to the beach.  We live close enough to the beach that I could be there in about 20 minutes but, just like walking the Golden Gate Bridge (see my memorable birthday in the post from the other day) I don’t go very often.  I’m going to put that on my list of things to do.

So there are the five things that bring me joy.  The Blog-Tember challenge is 7 days old.  It’s been fun so far, don’t you think?


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