Amazing August

August 31 — Wow, it’s gone already.  It was an Amazing August to be sure.

It started with Adele, who put on a great performance at the Oracle Arena in Oakland.  Scoring those tickets ranks way up there on my lucky list!  Then I went to the Scrapbook Expo in Santa Clara with my niece, where we both won prizes.  Hers was the Golden Ticket drawing, which seems extra special with the passing of Gene Wilder (Willie Wonka) the other day.

My niece, Donna, the Golden Ticket winner!

I had to send my hubby to Oregon on an emergency visit to help his mom and while he was gone I participated in a vendor fair.  Not a huge success for me financially but every one I do gives me more confidence and experience.

My display at the Vendor Fair.

Bill got home in time for us to go to the Giant’s game with our youngest and her boyfriend.  She had given her dad tickets for Father’s Day.  We had a great time.

At the ballgame with Rachel and her boyfriend.
Melissa Etheridge

Then came a week with two concerts, Pat Benatar and Melissa Etheridge first and then Peter Frampton a few days later.  Our times at the Mountain Winery are always special, but even more so when we can share them with good friends.  We were lucky enough this season to go to two concerts with the Beltrami’s.

At the winery with our friends, Paul and Amy.
Neil Giraldo and Pat Benatar

Peter Frampton

Throughout the month I was participating in the August Break prompted by Susannah Conway.  It was a treat to post a picture a day based on a single word or phrase and to share those pictures with others taking part.  Always interesting to see other people’s perspectives on the same word.  My last three pictures were these:

August 29:  Favorite mug:  I have three of them at the moment.

Disneyland and I both turned 60 in 2015 and my daughter got this for me to commemorate it.

I do believe that everything happens for a reason.  

This one was made for me by my youngest daughter.  
August 30 – Evening light

Since they elevated the train a few years ago, the trains that go by in the evening are fun to watch from our living room.

August 31 – August was…Amazing

In addition to these happenings, here is my full moon picture from August 18:

And my August selfie:

So that was a quick recap of my Amazing August.  I’ve linked some of the more detailed posts from the month in case you want to check them out.

For September, I’m going to be participating in Bailey Jean’s Blog-tember as I did last year.  I’m also gonna try and incorporate some writing prompts from Mama Kat.  Hope I can manage it all.

How was your August?  Amazing or Awful?  Love to know!

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