Amazing August

August 20 – My how time flies when you’re having fun!

I have been following along with the August Break prompts but I’ve just been posting a picture a day on the Facebook thread because, well, what can you say about red?  Here are some of the pictures I’ve used:

8/8 – Favorite taste:  Mint Chocolate Chip in all shapes and forms!

Favorite Taste
8/9 – Red

8/10 – Yellow

8/11 – Green

8/12 – The Secret
8/13 – 6 o’clock -Time for Baseball!


   8/14 – Love is – Friends and family walking the Golden Gate Bridge with me for my 60th birthday. 
8/15 – Unicorn

8/16 – Breathe   Yes, the Backstreet Boys!  Can’t help it, love their harmony.

8/17 – Bedroom Window – Caught the almost full moon there.

8/18 – Five Years Ago:  We went to a lot of concerts that year.  Most memorable:


Met Ross Valory from Journey at the Bob Seger Concert

Heart sang Reign O’re Me
And it started raining.  Magical!

8/19 – My Hands          

Hard at work on the keyboard most of the time.

8/20 – Clouds

Clouds covering the full moon

Now we are caught up for the moment.  Still a little over a week to go in this August Break adventure.  Some pretty interesting topics coming up.  Feel free to join in or follow along.
I am getting ready for my second attempt at Blog-Tember as well.  Just can’t shut me up it seems!  Any of those prompts bring something special to your mind? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear.  

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  1. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks, Deborah. I love that cloud shot also. It reminds me of all those English mysteries I read.


  2. Glad you posted these here Janet – it's great to see your responses to the prompts. I am totally mesmerized by your cloud photo – it's absolutely gorgeous in it's depth and mystery.


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