Amazing August

August Break – Day 5 – Midday.

Usually I’m working and midday means eating lunch in front of the computer.  Nothing exciting there.

However, today we got some fantastic news about getting relief from the student loans we took out so our daughter could go to college.  I decided to go out on the back porch and sit for a few minutes in the sun and thank God/the Universe/the Angels for our good fortune.

We recently cleaned off our back porch and got rid of some junk in the back yard and now I actually have a pretty nice place to sit.  I’m hoping to be able to get out there more often now as we continue our beautification process around the house.  
While I was sitting there, I was thinking about our good news.  Apparently because my husband is now on Social Security Disability, that may entitle us to have our student loan debt released.  If I read it correctly, we would not have to pay back any more of the approximately $22,000 we currently owe.  We have had it deferred since she is still in school and I have been making payments on it monthly but that is just barely covering the interest.  I still have to read the fine print, but just the thought that we could get out from under that mountain of debt, and perhaps be able to have our daughter not have to pay any of her portion as well, made me very happy.
I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately and have been working through two different courses, one with Liz Lamoreux called Inner Excavation and the other was Manifesting with the Angles with Laurel Bleadon-Maffei.  It may sound like mumbo jumbo to some, but I really believe in the power of positive thinking and that the angels/Universe/God listen to us.  
At any rate, as I was sitting on the porch midday today (you knew I’d tie it in somehow, didn’t you?), I had my phone with me and I decided to turn the camera on myself and randomly snap some pictures.  No posing, no judgment, just snapping away.  
Bill saw the one in the bottom middle and asked why I was laughing so hard.  “Because I’m HAPPY,” I said, and in that moment I knew I meant it.  
So excited to see what comes next and how I can spread some of our good fortune out to others.  Karma, right?  

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I'm a 60-ish, married, mom to 3, creative soul looking to make the world a better place one smile at a time.
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4 Responses to Amazing August

  1. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks Deborah!


  2. What a lovely post Janet. I'm celebrating your good news. And what a lovely little area you've created – a perfect spot for reflection. And made all the happier with plenty of laughing. I wish much of that for you as well.


  3. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks Jenny! Sometimes things work in mysterious ways. All we can do is be grateful!


  4. Good for you guys! It's good karma coming back to you for being the kind and generous people you are!


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