Jubilant June

June 30 – Just to finish out the month so that we can begin July with a clean slate, here is my selfie from this month:

I am in my craft room, working on new projects and I was following a scrapbook challenge at the time, which asked for a selfie at my work table.  I really love being there and creating new things or updating my concert album, sadly far behind.  I have lots of plans for projects, if I just didn’t have to do “real” work!     
Here is the Full Strawberry Moon that we had on the 20th.  The Strawberry Moon asks, “What delights you?”  I guess the answer to that is pretty obvious from the picture above.  

Just in case you were wondering, here are some of the recent pages I have made for the concert album.  These are the last two shows we saw in 2008, Tina Turner in San Jose and ACDC in Oakland.  I was still using my old camera and our seats were not that close but I think I captured the essence of them.  I want to hurry up with these old pictures so I can start documenting the recent concerts where my camera has a better zoom and we are sitting closer!  But, all good things take time and I don’t want to make this a sloppy album just to get it done.  

Each concert I am able to put in the book, brings back the memories and I am having a great time reliving them.  
In this Jubilant June we have also gone through a pretty major surgery on my husband, who came through it quite nicely even if he does have a scar running down his left leg, and we are spending the last day getting ready to move our daughter to Rohnert Park for her Junior year at Sonoma State.  The fun never ends at our house it seems!  
How has your June been?  Ready for some July madness?    

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I'm a 60-ish, married, mom to 3, creative soul looking to make the world a better place one smile at a time.
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4 Responses to Jubilant June

  1. Janet Miles says:

    LOL Jeffrey, wasn't there a scary movie called Cabin in the Woods? I agree with you though, camping is not one of my favorite pastimes. I need my creature comforts. Thanks for your kind remarks. Have a great day.


  2. July has been good so far. I went camping with a group. Well, actually we rented a cabin in the woods. That's about as close to camping as I ever get. From what I see, those are some great concert pictures. I love the idea of a craft room. A place where I can go to work on all my crafts, writing, and such. It's a great idea. Keep up the good work. I'll strive to do the same. If only I didn't have to do real work too. Maybe some day.


  3. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks Ally! I appreciate your kind words. Sorry you had a less than remarkable June. Hope your July is spectacular!


  4. Ally Bean says:

    Your pages are detailed and interesting. You have a talent there. Way cool. My June was lousy, so I'm hoping that my July will be delightful. Yin and yang, 'ya know?


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