A to Z Challenge – 2016

Three more days for the A to Z Challenge.  I think these are the three hardest ones!

X is for Xylorimba!

A Xylorimba is not really a cross between a Xylophone and a Marimba as you might think.  I knew what a Xylophone was.  I think every child has had one of those at one time or another.  I certainly remember playing with one.  It looked like this:

I think I learned how to play the “Do, Re, Me” song but that’s about it.
I had not ever heard of a Marimba, however.  It looks like this:
Obviously it has more keys and a different range of notes than just a xylophone.
The xylorimba looks like this:
A xylophone on steroids if you ask me.  I could try to explain the differences and similarities between them, but frankly, I don’t have enough musical background to do it properly and if you are really interested, you can Google them and check out the couple of songs on YouTube like I did. 
It is, after all, getting to the end of the challenge and I am running out of time and ideas.  My real job has kept me very busy the past week and I am stretching it to get these done on time.  I’m giving myself a pat on the back for finding xylorimba instead of just using xylophone!
Two more, Y and Z.  Stay tuned! 


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6 Responses to A to Z Challenge – 2016

  1. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks John! You're terrific!


  2. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks Deborah!


  3. Nice find Janet! Definitely worthy of a back pat. Hang in there, the finish line is near.


  4. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks Ally! You've been a great encourager! It's been fun.


  5. Ally Bean says:

    Good letter “X.” I've been thinking that this letter might be the most interesting one that any of us do. Hang in there, you can do finish the challenge. 🙂


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