A to Z Challenge – 2016

N is for…


I can’t read a lick of music, although I do know the scale, do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do…thanks to a little song from the Sound of Music. “When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything.”

Because we go to so many concerts and I am making a scrapbook with all the pictures I take, I am always on the look out for musical things I can use to embellish the pages.  I came across this wall of notes in Rohnert Park, California, near Sonoma State University when we went to visit our daughter at school.  I have no idea if the combination of notes has any significant meaning or is the beginning of a song.

This set of notes I found on the driveway of one of the houses near where we live.  I was on a walk, trying to get some exercise since my job keeps me sitting most of the day.  I was also trying to get pictures for the 365 picture project I did one year.  I just happened to be looking down at the right time and saw this unusual bit on the ground.  Makes me wonder why someone would do that.  Were they musicians?

This is a stencil I am anxious to use.  

This is a punch that I can use to make some cool borders.

I just learned that the notes have names.  This one is interesting:

It is called a demisemihemidemisemiquaver/two hundred fifty-sixth note. WHAT?  No wonder I don’t know what they mean!

That’s all the notes I have for this letter.  How about you?  Read notes?  Can you tell me if there is a song starting on the picture of the notes on the wall or the sidewalk?  Enlighten me!

Have a great Sunday off.  I need to figure out some of the rest of the alphabet posts!


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12 Responses to A to Z Challenge – 2016

  1. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Ladylee! I really love doing my scrapbooking!


  2. thanks for sharing your hobby 🙂


  3. Pam Margolis says:

    i played the flute in marching band. pretty sure ive played some 1/32 notes in a march of some sort. ugh.


  4. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks, John! Loved your recap of your posts. I'm trying not to miss any of them since you are teaching me so much!


  5. John Holton says:

    There's no staff on the wall, so I can't tell what, if anything, it is. The notes on the sidewalk are D, B and A, but I don't think they intended them to be read as a piece of music…

    The smallest note I've seen is a demisemiquaver (1/32 note), and that only as grace notes in bagpipe music. Beyond that, I doubt anyone would even bother with a note that short…


  6. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks, Deborah, quite the opposite from your looking to the clouds post!


  7. Oh how fun Janet. I don't read notes either so no help here with interpreting the wall signs. But I have to say I LOVE the driveway notes. How mysterious and delightful. And a perfect reminder of when you keep you eyes peeled for surprise treasures, you never know what goodness will show up. Good job!


  8. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks, Nicola! It is interesting to see where I can find little snippets.


  9. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks, Sharon! I am so far behind in my album it's not funny but I keep gathering my supplies!


  10. Nicola says:

    Fascinating hobby you have. It is nice to know that music is all around us 🙂 Lovely pictures. Great post.


  11. Sharon Himsl says:

    Hi. No, I don't read notes either but I think you'll have a nice scrapbook page 🙂


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