A to Z Challenge 2016

D is for…

Drum of course!

Mick Fleetwood

We have been fortunate enough to be able to see quite a few bands in concert over the last few years, (actually pretty regularly for the last 10 years I just realized)!

Fleetwood Mac is one of our favorites, although I primarily go to hear Stevie Nicks sing her mystical songs and my husband goes to hear Lindsay Buckingham perform “Big Love.”  Still, Mick Fleetwood is a heck of a drummer and really gets into his work.

REO Speedwagon’s Bryan Hitt

We have also seen Bryan Hitt (great name for a drummer, right?) from REO Speedwagon a few times and they are on our ticket for this season as well.  Such enthusiasm!

Kottak from Scorpions
Rock and Roll

And then there is James Kottak from the Scorpions.  During the concert he does a drum solo and his drums slowly rise from the ground until they are suspended high above the stage.  Then he proudly stands on top of them and turns around so that you can read the words on the back of his vest, “Rock and Roll Forever.”

The crowd is screaming and, taking off his vest with dramatic flair, you can see that he has the same words tattooed on his back.  The crowd goes wild of course.

That really is forever!  

I think the most interesting drummer I have ever seen, however, is Rick Allen of Def Leppard.

Rick Allen

After losing his left arm in a car accident, Rick Allen was determined to continue to play the drums and realized that he could do many things with his feet that his arm used to do.  He successfully returned to the group, who had waited for him to heal.  What an emotional show that must have been.  He plays with one arm and no shoes on his feet.  Definitely a sight to see.  The story of the band has been captured in the movie, “Hysteria.”  

So, there you have the letter “D” in my musical A to Z Challenge.   What do you think so far?  Could you drum with one hand?  Love to hear your comments!


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12 Responses to A to Z Challenge 2016

  1. Janet Miles says:

    I had to look that one up, Deborah. I think those are cool drums too!


  2. Janet Miles says:

    Yes, John, you probably could! Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks for stopping by! We have seen quite a lot of good bands. I'm looking forward to this year too, we have five concerts scheduled so far.


  4. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks Ally! I am making a scrapbook album of all the concerts we've been to. That helps me remember!


  5. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks, Sue! We have 5 concerts scheduled so far this year. I am really looking forward to it. We are seeing some people we haven't seen before.


  6. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Betty! Pretty sure I would have trouble with one hand too, but I'm not musically inclined anyway. Just love to listen.


  7. betty says:

    Great drummers featured here 🙂 I think I would have trouble playing the drums with one hand. Son had a friend that had disability in his hands; almost flipper type of arms with no fingers really. He did a lot with his feet, including playing the trombone.



  8. Sue McPeak says:

    Wow…we share some favorites…Stevie Nicks…all time favorite and the group. Neat that you have been to so many great concerts. Amazing Rick Allen story…thanks for sharing. Your Musical Theme is great. Keep it up!
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal


  9. Ally Bean says:

    I don't think that I can drum with two arms + hands, so in answer to your question: no! You've seen a lot of bands– and even remember them. Good job. 😉


  10. D Biswas says:

    Wow, you've seen so many of the good ones in action!

    Damyanti, AZ cohost 2016


  11. John Holton says:

    I can type with one hand, so I guess I could drum with one… 🙂

    John Holton
    Blogging from A to Z Challenge Co-Host
    The Sound of One Hand Typing


  12. Nice peek at your drumming faves Janet. Djembe drums are my favorite – so I'll add to the “D” theme. 😉


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