Marvelous March – 2016

March 26 – About 22,300 trips around the sun…

That’s what I have taken in my life to date.  March 10 was my 61st birthday.  Here is my selfie for March.

I definitely feel older but I am not feeling old.  In fact, I am getting a sense of new beginnings.  So much has changed in just the last year or so and there are many more changes coming soon.  Bill is about to get his official diagnosis of being permanently disabled, which while that sounds bad, is actually a good thing.  He is disabled in that he cannot be a maintenance mechanic or a packer at the chocolate factory for which he worked, but not so disabled that he is actually helpless.  He still has trouble reaching things in the back of the fridge or getting a pot or pan off the bottom shelf but he can do the dishes if there aren’t a lot, or empty the dishwasher.  He can still fix some things around the house, just not the big, heavy stuff.  The main thing is closure for the Workers’ Comp situation we’ve been going through since 2009!
In addition, all the kids have moved out of the house.  Rachel is in college now and is just finishing her second year.  She has gotten the taste of living on her own and does not want to come back.  I am a little sad about that but am so proud of her for being an independent, strong person.  Isn’t that what we try to raise our children to be?  Jeff and Amanda are doing well on their own too, so while the parenting job is never really over, it is definitely not my primary function anymore.  
I am increasing my activity in my crafting business by signing up for craft fairs and getting my Etsy site more productive.  At the same time, my transcription business is getting more portable so our plans for travel may be able to happen as well. 
All in all, not bad for 22,300 trips around the sun!  

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I'm a 60-ish, married, mom to 3, creative soul looking to make the world a better place one smile at a time.
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