Fleeting February – 2016

February 22 — Where has the month gone?  I guess guess I’ve been having too much fun to stop and play here this month.  Actually, I have had a little increase in some aspects of my work and my hubby has been out of town so I have taken the opportunity to do a little house cleaning.  Not just the usual dusting and vacuuming, although that is getting done too, I’m talking about big, all-out let’s get rid of some stuff kind of cleaning.

I’m not totally done yet but this is a good start.  Now that the kids are all grown, I really don’t think we need to keep ALL those extra blankets and towels.  Some books and other stuff too.  Feels so good to see some empty space on the shelves.  I did find a treasure though, that’s found a new home in my craft room:
That leads me to Valentine’s Day, which I spent by myself but I did get some flowers by accident and I used them to take my February selfie.  A mistake by the florist (or actually a generous gesture) because these flowers were supposed to go to my daughter.  She got a bouquet as well so win/win!  Bill and I can go out for a special dinner when he gets home.  Besides, he shows me he loves me all year through, not just on one day in February!

And, I have been busy in my craft room too, organizing and making an inventory binder so I stop buying extras and things I don’t need!  (Sorry, niece Donna – she’s been getting the benefits of my doubles).

Washi tape

Wooden stamps

I have different sections for my punches, pens, inks, paints and sprays, stencils, etc. and a section for ideas.  I even have a section called “Where is it?” so that I can keep track of most of it! Man I have a lot of stuff!

I also started a new project, something that I’ve had around the house for maybe 15 years or more.  I’m surprised it hasn’t disintegrated!

It’s an Eeyore latch hook rug and I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it when I’m done but I wanted to make it instead of get rid of it.  
And that brings us up to tonight, the full moon.  It’s called the “Snow Moon” or sometimes the “Hunger Moon” but I’m not hungry and we’re not having snow so it’s just a full moon for me.  There does seem to be a little haze around it (or at least when I took the picture it did).

So, between all of that and binge watching Downton Abbey, which is not a program Bill would enjoy and one that I missed watching when it first started, I guess that’s why there haven’t been posts here.  I’ve done a couple of quick picture posts on Instagram.  We have an extra day in February this year and I plan to make the most of it.

How about you?  What have you been up to this month?  I’d love to hear about it!

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