Jazzy January – 2016

January 4 – The Bible

I must confess that I have never really read the Bible.  I find that somewhat surprising given the fact that I went to eight years of Catholic grammar school, including going to church every Sunday, almost from the day I was born up until early adulthood when I began to have some questions about the changes the Catholic church was making.

Of course I know the major stories, Adam and Eve, Sodom and Gomorrah, King Solomon and the birth and death of Jesus, and I’ve seen some of the movies based on those stories.  I know the 10 Commandments and try to live by them faithfully; no lying, cheating, stealing, coveting, honoring my parents, etc.

I even have a bible.  I’m pretty sure I got it when I was married as that is one of those things my mother used to give to young couples as a wedding gift, along with the “10 Commandments of Happy and Successful Husband and Wife.”

Happy Husband

Happy Wife
I even have the Key to Heaven:
The Bible that I have has nice big print and there is even a place inside to record the important events of our family:
Large Print
For the record

But, as you can see, I’ve never recorded anything.  In fact, there was kind of a lot of dust on the book when I took it off the shelf.  I decided that I would make a plan to actually read the bible this year.  I believe there might be some interesting things that I may have missed.  I went online and found a site that gives a plan for reading the bible every day for a year.   This is just one I found, I’m sure there are others.  
So, I’ve put in the date of January 4 and the site has set up a list of portions of the bible for me to read daily for the next year.  I figure it can’t hurt, right?  Promise I won’t get all “holier than thou” on you!
What about you?  Read the Bible lately?  

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