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Jazzy January – 2016

January 26 – I’m concerned.  Within the last few years I have built up a slight reputation as being a “concert queen.”  We’ve been averaging about 5 to 8 concerts a year and I have been able to get us … Continue reading

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Jazzy January 2016

January 13 – Challenge Time Here we go again with the challenges.  Last year I participated in a few of them…the April Love Challenge, the 2015 Reading Challenge, Sparkles, August Break and Blogtember to name a few.  I find I … Continue reading

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Jazzy January 2016

January 9 – Vision Cards For the last three years I have been making vision cards, something I learned from watching Jamie Ridler.   She shows us how to use vision cards to channel your focus on the things that you … Continue reading

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Jazzy January – 2016

January 4 – The Bible I must confess that I have never really read the Bible.  I find that somewhat surprising given the fact that I went to eight years of Catholic grammar school, including going to church every Sunday, … Continue reading

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Jazzy January – 2016

January 2 – JAZZY – Adjective 1) of, resembling, or in the style of jazz2) bright, colorful and showy Synonyms:  funky, hip, vibrant, lively, spirited, bold, exciting, flamboyant, showy, gaudy, flashy, brightly-colored, striking, impactful, eye-catching, vivid. Don’t those words sound … Continue reading

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2016 Reading Challenge

January 1 – Well, I did it.  I managed to finish the book “A Stolen Life,” the story of Jaycee Dugard who was kidnapped when she was just 11.  It was interesting to see how she has been able to … Continue reading

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