December Reflections

December 18 and 19th

I missed posting yesterday.  I was so busy with work, I couldn’t take the time.  That’s a good thing.  My work is sporadic and I have to take what I get when I can get it.

The prompt had me a little stumped anyway.  It was “Circles.”  Then, now, as I started to prepare for today’s prompt I opened the pictures on my phone and this is what I saw:

I’ve been cooking with the Hungry Girl cookbook while my hubby has been gone.  They are mostly meals for one anyway, but they are usually of the low fat version that he is not a big fan of.  The above is a breakfast ham and eggs on 6 inch round corn tortillas.  Below is caesar salad on 6 inch round tortillas

And then we have strawberry banana pancakes!

So I guess “Circles” wasn’t such a difficult prompt after all!
As for today’s prompt, that really is a hard one, but for a different reason.  “I said good-bye to…”
I’m sure you read in an earlier post how I “said good-bye” to our car, the Journey.  If you didn’t, click here.   
I said good-bye to my “50’s” as I transitioned to 60 in March by walking across the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time:
But, we also had to say good-bye to our cat, Whisper.  
I had never had a pet before.  Didn’t want the added responsibility.  Still, it was sad to see her go.  You can read the full story here.
So, what have you said good-bye to this year?  

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