December Reflections

December 12 – Best decision of 2015.

Daily Decisions Determine Destiny.  So very true.  Each day we have to decide many things, some as simple as what to have for breakfast.  Others more complicated such as what to have for dinner…but I jest, sort of.

This year we have had to make many rather important decisions.  We decided to have a new fence put up (although that decision was helped along by the fact that the old fence literally fell apart and we were running out of plywood planks to hold it up).

Out with the old

In with the new


We had the decision of whether or not Bill should have back surgery, although that was helped along by the fact that he was in so much discomfort and there really wasn’t anything else to do at this point.

We had the decision of which concerts to attend.  Definitely a tricky one because sometimes our favorites are playing conflicting dates!  We managed to make 8 this year!

But, I would have to say that hands down, the BEST decision we made this year was to trade in our 2009 Dodge Journey for a 2015 Honda CRV.  It literally was a clear cut case of black and white.

The Journey


I will admit that the Journey was a mistake.  I will admit that I wanted it because Journey is one of my favorite groups (the old Journey with Steve Perry, not so much the new one).  I will admit that it had some really neat features such as coolers under the floor boards in the back seat and lots of hidden compartments and storage areas.  But, it also had problems such as sometimes it just wouldn’t start and I would have to wait until it was ready to go.  The tires were some really unusual size and cost a lot of money to replace.  But the WORST, the absolute worst, was the gas mileage which was like 13 miles per gallon in the city and maybe 17 on the freeway with a good tail wind pushing us. When we were looking to buy a new car we actually test drove a used CRV, but I had that stupid Journey in my mind and couldn’t let it go (you know, you’re in the car on a journey…life is a journey not a destination…sometimes I think I am too much of a dreamer…not!)

This year there was a recall on the particular model Journey we had.  Apparently the electronic key fob was defective and there was a possibility that the car could actually put itself in “accessory” mode and shut down while being driven.  That was a little too much for me and after we had the recall fixed (it was free, why not?), we decided to get the CRV.

It is the!  It has a moonroof so I can gaze at the stars (there’s that dreamer again!)  It has hands free connectivity to my phone so I won’t have to worry about talking while driving (not that I do that, but in case of emergency).  It has a rear camera so I can see what I am NOT hitting when I back up (the fire hydrant incident in Bill’s truck).  It has a side camera so I can see when changing lanes to the right (not left, I wonder why that is?).  But the BEST, the absolute best, is the 23 to 28 miles per gallon I get now.  I even got it up to 33 once!  That in itself will practically pay for the car the way the gas prices go up and down!

I would say the only bad part about this decision was that we got it up in Santa Rosa while we were “visiting” Rachel at school.  She had to sit in the dealers with us for four hours while we did the buying the car dance and that really wasn’t a “visit” to her.  But, now that the gas mileage is so much better, maybe we’ll really “visit” her more often!

About the only thing that isn’t different between these two vehicles is the fact that Bill still loves Jan :).

In the Journey

In the CRV


That was another good decision but it was 30+ years ago so it doesn’t count for this year!

What about you?  Your best decision from 2015?  Please share.


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