December Reflections

December 5:  Sacred Space

It may not look like much from the outside and the inside could use some help too but in my eyes, this is my Sacred Space.  This is the first house that we have owned (well, in another 20 years or so when we pay off the mortgage but whatever).  We moved in about 5 months before our youngest was born so we’ve been here for 19 years.

I can still remember the day we got the keys and how exciting it was to put them in the lock that first time.  It was June 14, 1996, Flag Day.  Over the years this house has taken us through the birth of our youngest, 3 high school graduations, a major job change for my husband, the beginning of my business, and now it is going to take us through Bill’s retirement and whatever else comes along.

It is in desperate need of a paint job, has had the roof patched and there is a new fence in the backyard.  We did have the windows and doors replaced by the Airport Noise Abatement Program about a year after we moved in so it is pretty soundproof, given that we live between the train and the airport.

But with all her cosmetic flaws, I call this my Sacred Space because when I am here, I am at peace.  I know that inside the walls of this house I am loved for who and what I am.  I can do what makes me happy and there are no expectations.  I am safe (or as safe as we can be in this suddenly crazy world) and I have the people I love the most around me.  Our goal over the next year is to begin to put some of that love back into this Sacred Space, she deserves it.
How about your Sacred Space?  I’d love to hear.  


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7 Responses to December Reflections

  1. Yes, yes, yes to sacred space and celebrating it Janet. My elderly home is in need of some heavy doses of love and tender care, but it too is very sacred space to me.


  2. Janet Miles says:

    Perfect Denise! That's it exactly. Thanks for commenting. Have a wonderful Christmas! Miss you.


  3. Home! When I think of it I am always reminded of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz…”if I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own backyard. Because if it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with!”


  4. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Colleen! Love getting comments here. Have terrific holidays!


  5. Janet Miles says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Suzie! Sorry to hear of your struggles. I'm thinking positive thoughts for you!


  6. Colleen Lavezzo says:

    So beautifully written! I too love my home. Yes it could use some updating as most homes could but I love it just as it is.


  7. Suzie Ridler says:

    Beautiful! I can absolutely understand this and wanting a sacred space and finding it in this home. The kitchen was my sacred space for six and a half years but now? Now I don't know. Something I need to figure out. Thanks for sharing!


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