Outstanding October – 2015

October 11 — This month is already whizzing by!  I can hardly believe it has been a week since I posted.  Time flies when you’re having fun?

Yesterday was a scrapbook day, Croptoberfest, organized by one of my friends, Celeste.  She used to be a Creative Memories consultant and has been hosting these events for a few years now.

It starts with gathering supplies, which is relatively simple for me since I have my Scrapbox and am so organized (LOL).  For this crop I knew I wanted to work on my concert album so it was easy to put everything together.  I already keep all my “Music”-related things in a clear container.  The black rolling container holds ink, extra papers, templates, washi tape, pens, tape runner, scissors, and the like.  Much more than I will use but you never know.  

In the pink bag is the actual album along with my wallet, extension cords in case I have to plug in my iPad, keys, etc.  In the blue bag are things that I am donating.  Each crop Celeste has a table where you can put things you don’t want anymore and other people can come and take them if they want.  At the end of the day the leftovers get donated to a school.  Nice idea.  I always find something that will work perfectly with a project I am doing.  Plus, I am clearing space in my stash!  Win-Win.


When we get to the crop, Celeste always has a goodie bag waiting for us at our table.  She has some pretty neat stuff!

From 10 AM to 6 PM, a roomful of women gather and scrapbook or make cards or other fun things.  I am lucky to have my niece, Donna, come and share the day with me!  She has to drive about 1-1/2 hours to get here but we have so much fun together!  In a few weeks I’ll go up and visit with her and my sister, so it works out.

I wish I could say that I got more done but some of the time, of course, is spent chatting and I am working with pictures right now that are not the best quality so I really want to make the pages look good to make up for that.  I did at least finish one concert from 2008.  It was a Foreigner concert, the last one of that particular season at the Mountain Winery.

Kind of a good thing there were only three at our table since I sort of spread my stuff out a bit. 
These are three completed pages.  I try to add the set list to each concert, along with our tickets. 
First page

Second page

Third page
These are almost done.  I just need to add a little more embellishment to them.  
Fourth page

Fifth Page
This was a great show.  We had pretty good seats, although my camera was an old one so the pictures aren’t the best.  Kelly Hanson, the lead singer, comes out into the crowd and we were close enough so that my hubby was able to get two guitar picks from Mick Jones!  I saw on E-Bay that those picks go for about $10 each!  Mine are not for sale!
Once I get started, it can go pretty fast, but it takes me time to pick out the perfect papers and sort through the pictures.  On the first page I used a template from Lea France for the first time.  I’m pretty pleased with the way this turned out.  
That was my Saturday.  How about you?  Do anything Outstanding?  Love to hear about it!


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