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Spectacular September – 2015

September 30 — Here we are at the end of another month!  I can’t believe September is gone already.  I have had so much fun participating in the Blog-tember challenge this month.  It has been really interesting reading everyone else’s … Continue reading

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Spectacular September – 2015

September 28 — Blog-Tember — A day in the life… I’ve missed another couple of days here but I am pretty proud of how many I have managed to accomplish.  This weekend was spent recovering from the ACDC concert (I … Continue reading

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Spectacular September – 2015

September 25 — I’ve missed a few of the Blog-tember days because we’ve been on vacation but Blog-tember for September 25 is about music.  How fitting since tonight we are going to see ACDC at AT&T Park.  We have general … Continue reading

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2015 – Reading Challenge – Book 15

“Friendly Fire” was pretty interesting.  It is the true, unfortunate story of a young man who was killed in Vietnam by American fire which, according to the book, was not an unusual occurrence.  So sad.  I can see how the … Continue reading

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Spectacular September – 2015

September 21 – Blog-Tember question:  “What is your favorite quote or expression and how has it impacted you?” I’ve been writing down quotes that speak to me for a good 10 years now.  There are a few that really are … Continue reading

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Spectacular September – 2015

September 20 – Blog-Tember Question…”What is your guilty pleasure?” I must confess I do have a few guilty pleasures… Scrapbooking supplies, especially pretty paper and wash tape!  I know I have way more than I need but the colors and … Continue reading

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Spectacular September – 2015

September 19 – Blog-tember question of the day, “Tell us about on of the best days of your life.” I’d have to say I’ve had a lot of really good days, fortunately.  There are 4 that stand out and I … Continue reading

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