Amazing August – 2015

 From the August 13th prompt in “Sparkles”

Our task was to write a “cinquain.”  What the heck is that?  I am not really a poem person.  Most of my poetry favorites are actually lines from songs.  Apparently a cinquain is a poem with five lines, along the likes of a “haiku.”  It was first created by a woman named Adelaide Crapsey.  The basis for this one was:

One word noun
two adjectives that describe the word
three action words
a four word phrase that express a feeling or make a statement
one word synonym or adjective that describes the first word.

With that as a guide, here is my cinquain:

soulful, expressive
moving, healing, exciting
makes my heart sing

and the pictures that go along with it are here:

Sir Paul McCartney
Eddie Van Halen

REO Speedwagon’s
Bryan Hitt

Kool and the Gang

From Shoreline

These are some pictures that I have taken at concerts over the past couple of years.

Well, that’s my attempt at a cinquain.  I think I may be trying that again.

What about you?  Ever written a cinquain?  I’d love to read it.

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