Amazing August – 2015

August 5 — Citrus and Rainbows

Sparkle prompt today was Rainbows.  Susannah Conway (who is doing the August Break) is a contributor to Jamie Ridler’s Sparkle!  Susannah challenges us to look around our house and find a rainbow.  Start with finding something red, then take five steps and find something orange, five more steps to yellow and you get the idea.

I decided not to use my craft room as a starting point because that would be too easy.  Instead, I walked around our kitchen and this is my rainbow:

Red from my planner.

Orange vitamin C

Lemon yellow

Green from the Gain detergent container.
Blue from a basket that holds paper bags.
Purple Good and Plenty box
This is one of my favorite rainbows!  My daughter did it by melting crayons.  It hangs in the craft room.  
In August Break, the prompt is “Citrus.”  Every morning I try to have a glass of warm water with lemon.  It’s good for you and it starts my day off on a positive note.  When I do this, I usually am able to keep drinking water all day.  When I don’t, I seem to forget to drink water during the rest of the day too.  
What about you?  Can you find a rainbow in five steps?  What’s your favorite citrus?  

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