Amazing August – 2015

August 4 —

In August Break, the prompt is “Number.”  My two favorite numbers are 3 and 5.  I was born 3/10 (5+5)/55.  My dad was 3/13/13 and my mom is 8(5+3)/3/23.  My husband and I have 3 children, which makes 5 in our family.  When we go to Reno, if I play Keno, I choose the 3 row or the 5 row.  When I am playing slot machines, I check the number of the machine to see if there are 5’s or 3’s in it.  Sometimes it works!

For Sparkle, the task was to experience things in different ways.  We were to take a poem and read it, write it and then say it aloud.  I have never been much for poetry.  I don’t know why that is.  Maybe I just haven’t found the right author yet.  I’m going to explore that more but for this exercise, I used a song by Bon Jovi.  I just recently listened to the words and they really struck a chord with me.  It’s called “Everybody’s Broken.”  The main parts for me are:
Welcome to the party
Come on in and disappear
you’re feeling like a stranger 
but all your friends are here
little lines and cracks
around your eyes and mouth
something’s trying to get in
something’s trying to get out.
It’s okay to be a little broken
Everybody’s broken in this life
It’s okay to feel a little broken
Everybody’s broken, you’re alright
it’s just life.
Take a look around
tell me what you see
is who you think you are
who you want to be?
So I read it, I wrote it and then Bon Jovi and I sang it together in the car while I was doing my work deliveries.  The last line is one I have really been struggling with lately…”Is who you think you are, who you want to be?”  I am pretty sure that the reason I am participating in these August experiences is to find the answer to that question!
What are your favorite numbers? Do you notice anything changing when you experience things in multiple ways?  Love to hear your comments!

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