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2015 – Reading Challenge — Book 14

August 31– Just finished reading “Maybe the Moon” by Armistead Maupin.  It was a fun book and was a quicker read than the last few.  Not quite as shocking as the “Tales of the City” books were but then again, … Continue reading

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Amazing August – 2015

 From the August 13th prompt in “Sparkles” Our task was to write a “cinquain.”  What the heck is that?  I am not really a poem person.  Most of my poetry favorites are actually lines from songs.  Apparently a cinquain is … Continue reading

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2015 – Reading Challenge – Book 13

I finished “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” a lot quicker than “Zorba The Greek” thank goodness.  I must say that I found the movie better than the book but I was surprised to find that the book is written … Continue reading

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Amazing August – 2015

August 5 — Citrus and Rainbows Sparkle prompt today was Rainbows.  Susannah Conway (who is doing the August Break) is a contributor to Jamie Ridler’s Sparkle!  Susannah challenges us to look around our house and find a rainbow.  Start with … Continue reading

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Amazing August – 2015

August 4 — In August Break, the prompt is “Number.”  My two favorite numbers are 3 and 5.  I was born 3/10 (5+5)/55.  My dad was 3/13/13 and my mom is 8(5+3)/3/23.  My husband and I have 3 children, which … Continue reading

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Amazing August – 2015

August 3 — The prompt in August Break is “Skin.”  For that I asked my daughter if I could use her arm.  She recently exercised her right as an adult to get a tattoo, even though she knows that I … Continue reading

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Amazing August – 2015

August 2 — In “August Break” the prompt was “air.”  This is my take: We were in Reno for our 30th wedding anniversary last year and we went for a walk.  I stepped over this air vent and did my … Continue reading

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