April Love – 2015

April 4 — Shadows

One of my favorite ways to show myself some love is to go to concerts.  I did not go to any when I was a teen or young adult and only two in the early stages of my married life.  Then the kids came along and the house, etc. so there was not much money and little time for such things.  I won tickets to a concert in around 2006 and since then I’ve been trying to make up for lost time.

Depending on where we are sitting, the rules of the venue and what device I am using, I have taken anywhere from 20 to 200 pictures at each performance!  Most of the time I am concentrating on getting the clearest shot possible but every once in a while the shadow shot is the best.  These are a few of the ones I like most:


The Prince concert was one of the most difficult ones for me to get pictures from since he did not want any pictures taken and had I been caught, they might have taken my camera away!  (I have become a bit of a rebel in this regard.  After all, I am paying a lot of money to see them).  At first I was going to wait until the lights came on but took this shot just for kicks and kind of like it.

Cher was one of those concerts that I took a lot of pictures at because she changed her outfit for almost every song!

Fleetwood Mac

Our seats were a little farther away than I usually like for Fleetwood Mac this time but we had to see them again since Christine McVie was back with the group.


Sade was excellent.  Unfortunately we missed the encore because we had to catch the last Bart train home.  I was unhappy about that.

Backstreet Boys

Yes, I am a Backstreet fan.  I’ve see them twice with my daughters.  This is a pretty cool intro to one of their songs I thought.

Rain – Beatles Tribute

This is the most recent one, from the Beatles tribute band, Rain, that we just saw last week.  In the shadows, it almost looks like the real thing!

Definitely having fun participating in this April Love.  Hope you are enjoying it as well.  Please feel free to leave me a comment.   


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