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2015 Reading Challenge, Book 4

Finished the book about Rod Stewart.  He actually seems to be a pretty nice guy.  Definitely lives the rock star life but I think truly loves his family and his career and tries not to take either for granted.  I’d … Continue reading

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Just a Whisper

Anyone in my family will tell you I am not a pet person.  Never had one growing up, never wanted one.  Certainly didn’t want one with three kids and a husband to take care of already.  The kids would always … Continue reading

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I don’t know about you, but having a planner has become a very important thing for me.  Actually, I have 3.  I shared a picture in my 365 Pictures project a couple of years ago. From 2013 I have one … Continue reading

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2015 Reading Challenge, Book Three

ROD – The Autobiography.  By Rod Stewart Front Cover Back cover I am counting this book as my “Book with a one-word title.” It is 364 pages and was published in 2012.   I have seen Rod Stewart in concert … Continue reading

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Putting up fences

The next step in the big backyard redo is a fence!  Every year for the past five or six years part of our fence had begun to lose more and more boards. Hubby did the best he could trying to … Continue reading

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2015 Reading Challenge — Book Two

For my second book I have chosen the category, “A book from your childhood.”  I still have several books I read as a child but I’d have to say that one of my most favorite collections was the Nancy Drew … Continue reading

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The Changes are Beginning!

Not quite as frequent posting as I’d like but I have to do my “real” job first and sometimes I just don’t have enough hours in the day! I mentioned that my word of the year was “CHANGE” and one … Continue reading

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