July Jumped Right In…

…with a family emergency that means my husband will be out of town for five weeks. How will I last that long without him you ask? Well, let me put it this way. I love my husband very much but we have been together 24/7 (he’s retired, I work from home) for the last 8 years. You know that old saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder?” It applies here. LOL

I have big plans for the available time. I have many projects around the house I would like to get done and some serious time in the studio is calling me. It is time for me to look back on the vision cards I made for this year to pick the areas that need tending to the most.

In order from top to bottom, left to right:

Business of Magic is the title I used for my craft business this year. I actually have been doing pretty well there and even was able to do a pop up craft show in June. I have made at least one or two sales every month and that is kind of like magic. I just got a notice to sign up for one of the holiday boutiques in November so it looks like things are flowing in this category. I did some rearranging and reorganizing in the studio too, which makes working in it much easier. Also made myself some new business cards with a new logo. What do you think?

Sharing is the title I used for connecting with family and friends. Of course the pandemic limited that a bit but we have had dinner with friends and made plans to go to a couple concerts in September with others so we’re getting there. I also did some Zoom and FaceTime interactions so I’m counting that too and we had a great 4th of July gathering.

Prosperity is the category title for our financial health. It is a struggle because my transcription business is quite hit and miss but fortunately I’ve been able to move some money around and we are doing okay. Of course winning the lottery would help!

I have had a lot of action in the Experience category. All my excursions through San Francisco for the A to Z really helped there.

Self-Care is one of the areas that needs some work this next six months. I have stalled in the weight loss department but haven’t given up hope to get going again. I intend to use the time while hubby is away to get more serious with my healthy eating and to increase the activity by dancing in the living room since he won’t be there watching TV. I also started listening to meditation while I walk Benny in the morning. It helps me focus on the day.

Nest is another area that I will be concentrating on. I have made a goal to go room by room listing all the things I want to attend to. I also have plans for the outside like a small fence in the front yard so I can let Benny get out there and not have to worry that he’s going to chase a passing motorcycle or run across the street to visit another dog walking by. I still haven’t gotten my fire pit yet either!

So, how has your year been so far. Did you make a list of goals you wanted to accomplish? How are you doing with them? You still have time to tackle something!

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July Jumped right in…

With a Bang! We had our usual 4th of July get together with friends in front of our house. My husband volunteers at the local fireworks booth every year and he gets free fireworks to take home. Our city is one of only 2 in the surrounding area that allows the “Safe and Sane” fireworks to be used in front of your own house. We had a pretty good show if I do say so myself.

And then there were the “illegals” which seemed to be much more prevalent this year, even though there is a fine of $1000 if you are caught.

It almost reminded me of the block parties we used to have when I was growing up. All the neighbors would come to our house and shoot their fireworks off in the street and then we’d watch the sponsored fireworks go off up on the hill. When we were first married my husband promised to show me fireworks every year and he hasn’t disappointed in the last 36 years, including the time we climbed out the bathroom window of the apartment we were living in and sat on the roof to watch the city show. Ah, sweet memories. Hope you all had a good 4th too! Let’s see what the rest of July can bring.

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June is Just so…

Unpredictable. On Wednesday I happened to notice a post on Facebook, or maybe it was Instagram, about a pop-up craft fair that was going on in a little corner of our city. I jumped on the chance to get my creations out in public again. Last year with no craft shows was really difficult.

All together there were 7 of us and I managed to sell some Father’s Day things and baby items. It was warm but not too hot. I got the hat for Christmas a few years ago and I think it was perfect for the day.

Not a bad picture either. I didn’t do my usual elaborate display because it was only for four hours but I learned some tricks for next time. Fun day. There were a lot of positive comments and I got to see some people I hadn’t seen in a long time and met some new folks. I’d say it was a hit.

Thanks again to Linda and her Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt of hat/het/hit/hot/hut.

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June is Just So…

Exciting! So far this month I have a new car, we celebrated 25 years in our house, our state has “opened up” again and I finished two shawls and a scarf. I sold two of the Father’s Day cards I just made and two special order school days albums.

Most exciting of all, the Mountain Winery opened up their season and I got tickets for four shows! We are going to see Chris Isaak, The Fab Four, Chicago and Tower of Power! SO happy to be able to go to concerts again. More memories for the scrapbook! Plus, that keeps my loyalty status going for another year.

Life is good in my neck of the woods. How about you?

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June is Just So…

Linda has given us the prompt of “drive.” I don’t know how she knows what is going on in my life but it seems like she manages to pick relevant topics for me quite often! Driving has always been one of my favorite things to do. My first car was a pedal car and I would drive that thing up and down the block a lot. I had an aunt who lived on the corner so I’d go visit her.

One of my coolest cars was a TR7. I loved to get in that thing and take drives down the coast and on winding roads. I should have paid more attention to it because it ended up giving me a lot of trouble. Still, with the sun roof down it was a blast. I don’t think I’d be able to get into it at this point. Too low to the ground – LOL.

Two years ago I leased a Honda HRV but I really wasn’t happy with it from the beginning. It was a lot smaller than I anticipated and I felt like my head was hitting the roof sometimes. I like to be high up so I can see the road. Last week Honda contacted me to see if I would be interested in trading in the HRV for a new vehicle. I jumped on the chance and traded the HRV for a CRV. I had had a CRV before the HRV (it can be confusing with all these initials) so I knew what they were like.

After the usual wheeling and dealing (with me getting up and saying, “no, I can’t do that,” three times), I managed to make an acceptable arrangement and here is my new CRV!

It is called Aegean Blue and is SO pretty. I haven’t thought of a name for it yet. Any suggestions? It only had 11 miles on it and was covered in plastic when I took it for the test drive since it was fresh on the lot. I look forward to taking some nice long drives in it soon since we got the lineup for the Mountain Winery concerts! June is just so exciting!

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June is Just So…

Thanks to our friend Linda, our Stream of Consciousness prompt for today is “yarn.” I haven’t participated in a #SoCS for a while but it just so happens I have something to contribute today.

If you follow me you know I love to color and paper craft. I also dabble in crocheting occasionally and I found a couple of different yarns that I fell in love with so I made one shawl and am working on a second. Both are the same design, a triangle shape. This first one has lovely blues and greens. I have enough yarn to make another one so I might do that to sell in the Etsy shop.

The second one is a metallic yarn and I like the way it is coming along too.

I got a notice this week that our favorite Mountain Winery is going to be starting concerts again so these two shawls will be perfect to keep me warm in the outdoor venue.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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May You Smile All Month

Hey peeps, just wanted to pop in and let you know about a Creative Memories promo going on now. Free shipping if you spend $80, which by itself is big because usually free shipping is not unless you spend $250. AND, there are free goodies if you spend $125.

If you are not into scrapbooking but wanted to try making some of your own cards, they have a few really cute kits as well. Check out these jeans inspired ones:

The kits come with everything except adhesive, but you can get that too. I’ve done a couple YouTube videos showing some of the Christmas ones. It is really easy.

Let me know if you have any questions. Always ready to help a fellow crafter out! Shop my link here.

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May You Smile All Month

I really have to do some better planning next year because since I concentrate so much time in March and April working on the A to Z I miss out on the Mother’s Day opportunity to showcase my cards and albums. Seriously, that’s like candy makers missing Valentine’s Day!

In the last post I showed you my studio. Today I’m going to show my latest card making endeavors. It’s a new process for me called “waterfall” cards.

They came out really well I thought. You just pull the tab down and the sentiment flips up. I even made a short “how-to” video for YouTube.

I made another set using a different product from Eyelet Outlet. This is a mix of Father’s Day and birthday and has a tool time theme.

The first set is already up on the website and the second set will be added today. The Giants are on at 3 and I plan on spending the time watching the game and working in the studio. I love that combo!

I’m thinking about doing some live stream type shows on YouTube. My son thinks I should start a Twitch channel and do a “Saturday in the Studio” program. Anybody on Twitch? Would you watch and/or craft along with me if I was live?

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May You Smile All Month

I have been following along with Deb Stott’s Smile for a Month project, posting daily on Instagram but I thought I’d share them here too.

Day 3 – Brand – This is my brand. I think the way I make the “J” in my name is perfect for a smile, don’t you?

Day 4 – Zoom In – These are budding peaches from our peach tree. We’re going to have a bumper crop this year!

Day 6 – Handwriting – From my journal. Sometimes Iike my handwriting and sometimes I don’t.

Day 7 – Yellow – The lemons that I have in my warm water every morning.

So we’re up to date with this project. I may start posting them daily here too, but I am dangerously close to the limit with my storage on WP and will have to make a decision about paying for more space. I love blogging and to delete old posts to add space is time consuming for sure. Maybe I can post some craftiness and then use it as a business expense! You won’t mind seeing a craft once in a while will you? Have a great rest of your weekend. I’m @scr4pl80 (pronounced scrap lady) on Instagram if you want to follow me there 🙂

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A to Z 2021 – Reflection

Welcome to my A to Z Challenge Reflection post. It was certainly a fun one for me as I traveled through San Francisco, a city I have known and lived within a few miles of my entire life but had never seen as up close and personal as I did during the last month. I was able to visit some old favorite spots but also found some really new (to me) interesting places to go back to sometime. It’s funny because I usually go through the A to Z with pen and paper in hand ready to jot down those books and movies I read about in other blogger’s posts but this year I had to keep a list of places I wanted to revisit from my own blog!

In case you missed any, here is a list of the places we saw.

Enough about my topic though, let me introduce you to some other folks who did a wonderful job with their A to Z themes:

Crackerberries (Barbie) wrote Love letters to herself, but they were certainly words that we could all use.

J. Lennie Dorner, in addition to being one of the Challenge coordinators, highlighted his favorite bloggers and gave us some tips on new books to read. I was honored to be his letter “J.!” And I’ve said it before, it was one of his comments that gave me the idea for my theme this year, along with the coloring books I got from the San Francisco Chronicle.

John (also a co-host) gave us music using the call letters of radio stations and Mary at Jingle Jangle Jungle gave us music from the 80’s. It was great to open one of their blogs first and then listen to the music as I read the rest of the folks.

Frederique gave us some great DIY ideas. There are a couple I’d love to try and Weekends In Maine (Karen) also shared some crafty projects.

Trudy at Reel Focus gives us some movies that represent human needs. Added lots to my movies to watch list.

Mike gave us reptiles. Some were really interesting, although I’m not really a fan of snakes! Turtles aren’t so bad.

Jill gave us the idiom of the day, Cathy drew us Looney Tunes and “T” told us what she is looking forward to being able to do again once the pandemic is over.

We can’t forget to thank the founder of the A to Z, Mr. Arlee Bird who told us all about rivers.

I didn’t get to visit as many new bloggers as I wanted to because it was hard enough to keep up with my own and visit the folks I already knew. Thank goodness for the Road Trip and the Master list so I can go back and visit now that the rush is over.

Thanks again to all who visited my blog and left such kind words for me. I’m going to have to think really hard to come up with next year’s A to Z!

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