Decidedly December – 2020

Today we have Red. This is my favorite red sweater. I love the cutout on the sleeves. Keeps me warm but not too hot. Worn with my black and white leggings.

And the second prompt is Movie. Of course I love the standard Christmas movies like “A Christmas Story,” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” but my all time favorite has to be “A Christmas Carol.” I like the old version with Alistair Sim but I have to watch “A Muppet Christmas Carol” every year while I wrap presents or it just won’t be Christmas. It is of course made for kids but as with a lot of the Muppet things, there are some jokes in there just for us adults. We even still have it in the old VHS format. Thank goodness we have a dual VHS/DVD player.

I kind of like keeping these short and sweet. Makes it easier to keep up. Lots less pressure. What’s your all time favorite Christmas movie? Have you ever seen the “Muppet Christmas Carol?”

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Decidedly December – 2020

I am really having a hard time with the prompt for today in the December Reflections. It is “Best day of 2020.” Even looking through all the pictures I took this year, I’m not sure I could find a “BEST” day. I mean, there were a lot of good days and a lot of days that were just days, which I suppose in the year of COVID is actually not bad. Maybe my best day of 2020 hasn’t happened yet. We still have some time left. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

The prompt for December Countdown is a little easier. It is “Tradition.” For the last seven years I’ve been making Vision Cards in December. I guess you might call that a tradition now. My cards for 2020 were these:

And I wrote about them here. Going through them now as the year comes to a close, the ones that had to do with travel/adventure and connecting had to be put on hold as the pandemic certainly limited things on those fronts. I did stay connected to my sister who learned how to FaceTime, my mom by calling her at least once or twice a week and monthly check-ins with my best friend who lives quite a distance away. I did also do a Zoom scrapbooking day or two with my niece and that was fun.

The health, household, finances and business ones all got a little attention and I am pretty satisfied with each focus area. I really like using these rather than trying to make New Years Resolutions. Definitely less chance of failure because although I didn’t get everything accomplished that I wanted to, at least I touched on each of them.

Now it’s time to make another set of cards. I think the themes will basically be the same, although I may add some descriptive words and ideas to each one. I’ll share them when I’m done. What are your traditions? Did you have a “Best Day” in 2020? Share!

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Decidedly December – 2020

For our prompts today we have Favorite Hobby and Family. I have a lot of hobbies that I enjoy. Reading is one. The new Pop Sugar Reading Challenge just came out and I am excited to do that. I failed this year, reading only 17 books out of the 40 that I had set for my goal. You’d think I’d have been able to read more with the pandemic but no. I did cross off some of my poster pieces though. Pride and Prejudice, The Scarlet Letter, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Lord of the Flies and Great Expectations. I have the intention of reading Anna Karenina, Gone With the Wind and The Great Gatsby next year.

I’d have to say coloring is another hobby. I did do a lot of that because I can watch TV with the hubs while I’m doing it. Can’t really read and watch a movie. Here are some of my latest for the Escapist Coloring Club.

I think blogging might be a hobby. I might have wanted to be a writer and this is a way to do that on my own terms. I also like the interaction with the friendly people I meet (yes, that’s you if you’re reading this).

Participating in challenges might be a hobby too, to be honest. I’ve been doing the One Second Everyday video thing this year and am looking forward to the end result when I can see the whole year flash before my eyes. I have to start thinking about what to do for the A to Z this year too! Do you have your theme yet?

And for the other prompt, Family, well, I have to say that I am grateful that my family puts up with all my hobbies!

How about you? Favorite hobbies? Special family? Share!

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Decidedly December – 2020 – Fun Challenges

Admittedly I blog more when I have a challenge or two to follow. Fortunately in December I have them!

First up is December Reflections with Susannah Conway. I’ve done hers several times in the past and they are always fun. Some of the prompts are a little different and I’m looking forward to them.

Here is my take on Star. It is painted on a wall in San Francisco that we pass by every day.

And by way of Barbara at Teleportingweena I found this fun countdown to Christmas sponsored by a new to me blogger, Tourmaline. I think I’ll try playing this one too.

These are some decorations from my very first Christmas tree when I moved out on my own. My older sister and I had a craft day and she helped me make them. They are over 40 years old and they still get put up every year. The poor reindeer and Santa are missing eyes. Maybe I’ll give them a touch up.

Not sure I’ll be able to post every day for each of these challenges but I’m going to give it my best shot. Play along!

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Nifty November – 2020

Well, this month is almost gone. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving yesterday. Ours looked like this:

I have been busy working fortunately but found some time to make some new gift card holders for the holidays. Aren’t they cute?

Christmas Trees
The top swivels on a brad and opens so you can put the gift card in the slot.

They each have a matching envelope and are up on the Etsy shop now.   I need to figure out how to do a virtual holiday boutique!  Maybe I’ll figure out how to use this WP again too.  The pictures are giving me fits, but you get the idea.  

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Nifty November – 2020

Next up in Nifty November is a cool new tool on Etsy. I can now add 15 second or less videos to the description of the items I have for sale. I made these cards a couple months ago and added a video to the listing.

Pop up cards

The video shows up in the second picture on each listing.

See it here:

This one has a pocket that opens so you can slip a gift card or money in it.

And some Christmas cards. This one has a “tree” inside it.

Since I probably won’t be able to do any holiday boutiques this year, I’m hoping that by adding some videos to the Etsy listings they will attract some extra attention. The good thing is they are short and there is no sound so I don’t have to worry about saying anything!

Of course, feel free to share this if you think someone might be interested. I’ll be putting up some more videos on Etsy soon. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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Nifty November – 2020 #SoCS

Lovely Linda gives us “jour” for our Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. I was going to talk about my planner for next year so that works perfectly since my planner is actually part JOURnal as well.

I don’t know about you but planners are very personal for me. It took me a long time to find one I really liked and thanks to a post a few years ago by LA at Waking up on the wrong side of 50, I was introduced to Plum Paper. This company lets you design your own planner!

To start, Plum Paper offers many choices for covers. This is mine for 2020.

My daughter gave me the owl sticker and it matched perfectly
I like to put a picture or a quote on the monthly divider.
Each month starts with a goals page
There is a blank page next to the goals section and I added a “Currently” sheet with some washi tape and underneath I recap what happened in the month.
The monthly spread has lots of room to write, even though this year there hasn’t been much going on.
You can pick your own title headings for the daily pages. This year I used Top Three, And Then, Quick Quotes, Today, Doodle-E-Do and Snapshot.

At the end of the month there are either one or two pages depending on how long the month is. On one I put a picture of the full moon for the month and a selfie 🙂
On the other I use a reflections page.
This is my cover for 2021. I am in love with it. It was a special one for October and a portion of the proceeds for using it went to breast cancer.
For the daily sections next year I changed a couple. Instead of Quick Quote I used Around the House because I am going to eliminate the household planner I usually use, for the doodle section I chose Inspiration Station and for the snapshot at the bottom I went with Oh My Word to help me incorporate my word for the year.

If you don’t need a daily planner, they do make a weekly one and also an academic planner style. You can choose which month you want to start with. I’m a January to December girl. I am hopeful now that we have a new President, the virus will be better controlled and there will be lots of things to do to fill up my planner du jour next year!

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Nifty November – 2020

I should have started my Nifty November series with this one yesterday so that it would actually be Thursday but I forgot about this door and I don’t like to bombard people with multiple posts in a day so even though it is Friday, here is my first entry into the Thursday Doors hosted by Norm. That was a mouthful, still with me?

I haven’t done a Thursday Door before because I didn’t think there were any interesting doors in our neighborhood and lately that’s the only place I’ve seen when I walk Benny. Then I started noticing something unusual:

Over the next couple of days this happened:

And finally, this:

Mind you, I never actually saw anyone painting it. I walk the dog twice a day and although we don’t go down this particular street every day, it is one of the ones that is in our usual trek because it is right down the block.

Who says garage doors have to be dull? Thanks, Norm, for letting me play along.

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Nifty November 2020

So stressful right now with the election results taking FOREVER. Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed in our country. In my opinion it should not have been this close. I guess I am naive to think that we all should embrace empathy, dignity, compassion and honesty as our core values.

To help me concentrate on something else, I thought I’d start November off with some nifty little things going on around here. I’ll begin with my entries into the Escapist Coloring Club for this month. While we weren’t able to see our Giants play in the World Series, it did hold our interest so that we could root against the dreaded Dodgers. Sadly, even our bad mojo could not keep them from winning, although again, IMHO, the whole baseball season this year needs to have an asterisk behind it. At any rate, it afforded me the opportunity to do a lot of coloring.

All of these are from the “Magical Jungle” coloring book I got for Christmas last year. In fact, I’m almost done with the whole thing!

Also nifty, I think, is the fact that I could use one of the pages I colored as the background for my bank credit card. What do you think?

Hopefully your November will be Nifty too!

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It’s Only October – 2020

There’s a new routine in our house for the past 3 weeks. Our son got a new job and I am driving him into San Francisco every morning so that he doesn’t have to take public transit and increase our risk of Covid exposure. I don’t mind it. It is a familiar thing for me to drive the kids somewhere, that’s what mom’s do. This is a typical loop drive, hop on the freeway, hop off the freeway, up a couple of blocks, and then back down a couple of blocks and hop on the freeway again. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don’t.

I have been keeping my eyes open for new things. Here are a couple I’ve managed to catch, thanks to my son who takes the pictures while I drive:

A Big Dream on the side of the hill
Sunrise over the airport
That same sun coming up over the SF Bay

The City itself is a different world. Our drive takes us through downtown and in front of the city hall. Right now in the area across from city hall there are huge tents set up with voting machines. We see lots of “interesting” people as we go too. Seems like every day I see something I haven’t noticed before. It’s kinda fun.

What’s been happening where you are? Any new routines started? Share!

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